Leone: Like Father, Like Son(汉语:里昂家族,真的是有其父必有其子?)是自由树出版社在其官方网站上所作的报道。这篇报道写于2001年7月,编者是Johnnie Blain。

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Joey Leone presents a humble exterior to the world. "I'm just a car guy!" He says, before launching into a string of expletives and throwing our reporter off his property. Joey Leone is a car guy. But he is also a mob guy and chief-in-waiting to the Leone crime family. Joey Leone's father, Salvatore Leone has long been suspected as a lynch pin in the city's organized crime scene. Now his son is coming under increased scrutiny.

A police spokesman said, "We know Joey Leone ain't all he makes himself out to be, which ain't much. I mean here is a guy who presents a certain view to the world; an idiot, a mechanic who likes sleeping with hookers and bullies people. This ain't the real Joey Leone." This apparently easygoing whore-mongering grease monkey is thought to be a key cog in the Mafia wheel. But which cog, and which wheel "that we don't know yet. But we know one thing, Joey Leone is up to no good and we want to find out what," say the police. So, Mr. Leone, if you're out there reading this, if you can read, time to realize your time in the spot light is now.

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