别名 M4 (3D宇宙)
M16 侠盗猎车手III
出现于 侠盗猎车手III
武器类型 突击步枪
伤害 40 (单次射击)(《侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市

30 (单次射击)(《侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯
32 (单次射击) [?] (《侠盗猎车手V

重量 中等
弹匣容量  • 60发 (《侠盗猎车手III》)
 • 30发 (《侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市》、《侠盗猎车手:自由城故事》、《侠盗猎车手:罪恶城故事》、《侠盗猎车手IV》)
 • 50发 (《侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯》和《侠盗猎车手:中国城风云》
 • 30发 (60发/通过升级) (《侠盗猎车手V》)
制造商 Vom Feuer (《侠盗猎车手V》)
提供商 武装国度
地下枪店 (《侠盗猎车手IV》)
价格 $5000 (《侠盗猎车手III》、《侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市》、《侠盗猎车手IV》
$4500 (《侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯》)
$2100 (侠盗猎车手V)
解锁自 Arms Shortage (GTA III)
Rub Out (GTA Vice City)
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (GTA San Andreas)
Three Leaf Clover (GTA IV)
The Jewel Store Job (GTA V)
Rank 42 (GTA Online)
——Rockstar Games Social Club上对于《侠盗猎车手V》中的卡宾步枪的描述。

The Carbine Rifle, also known as M4 or M16 is an Assault Rifle that has been featured in every Grand Theft Auto game since Grand Theft Auto III, except Grand Theft Auto Advance. It is useful in almost any situation, boasting accuracy, power and magazine capacity. In GTA V, it is manufactured by Vom Feuer.

Throughout the games, the models differ slightly, along with zoom capability, rate of fire, and stopping power.



GTA III's rendition has considerably lower quality than its successors, resembling the Armalite AR-10, judging by the handguard and the overall shape. The fact that the AR-10 fires 7.62x51mm ammunition as opposed to the less powerful 5.56x45mm ammo of M4/M16 rifles possibly explains why this weapon was far more powerful per shot than the M4-type rifles of later games, and the 7.62x39mm AK47. This is a rather odd choice, since the AR-10 is a considerably old rifle that was mostly in service in European countries (Such as Germany, Portugal and Italy) during the 50s and the 60s, and is therefore considerably hard to find in America. The weapon has a 60 round magazine, even though the modeled in-game kind looks like a regular 30-round AR magazine.


Vice City's rifle is modeled after a Colt Model 733 but with the front sight facing backwards. It is called 'M4' in-game (Which is anachronistic, as the M4 was not introduced until 1994). Originally, the beta featured an assault rifle that resembled an M16A2, but it was later replaced by the current model. It also appears to have an aftermarket crane stock. The beta rifle's model can still be found in the game files and can be seen in the intro cutscene.


GTA San Andreas reuses the model from Vice City, again called 'M4' in-game (And again inaccurate since the game is set in 1992). In the mission Stowaway, a government agent is shown holding a camouflaged variant of a Colt M16A1. This, however, is never available to use in-game. This was probably a beta model.


In GTA Liberty City Stories, it once again uses the Vice City and San Andreas model. With the game being set in 1998, the name M4 is now used correctly.


Vice City Stories features a rifle resembling the M16A1, named 'Assault Rifle' in-game. It uses a similar model from the previously mentioned San Andreas mission Stowaway, sans the camouflage. Lance Vance again refers to it as an "M4" during a mission, which is an anachronism.


GTA IV features a rifle based on the Colt M4A1, titled 'Carbine Rifle' in-game. This version is accurate both in timeline and overall features, including accurate weapon specs such as rate of fire, magazine size and appearance. Interestingly, the carry handle has been replaced with an aftermarket drum sight. It also has "Property Of Liberty City Arms" stamped where the magazine release is normally found, probably a reference to the "Property Of U.S. Govt" stamped on its real-life counterpart.



GTA Chinatown's rendition is difficult to identify, but it is has a full stock and long barrel, and the triangular hand guard as seen on the HUD suggests it is based on the Colt M16A1. It has, much like in San Andreas, a 50-round magazine.


GTA V's rendition of the Carbine Rifle is based on a mishmash of different AR-15s, featuring almost identical parts (with regards to the lower receiver, especially the magazine well, and also the gas block) that was possibly influenced by the Remington R5 RGP and Heckler & Koch HK416 . The pistol grip seems to be a combination between both Ergo and Hogue grips. The trigger housing is similar to the Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard. The upper receiver seems to be influenced by the VLTOR MUR-1 upper receiver, with a raised Picatinny rail, similar to the HK416. It also has dual mounted iron sights on the main Picatinny rail. There are also some influences from a Daniel Defense DDM4V7, notably the handguard, which is the Daniel Defense Modular Floating Rail (MFR) 9.0, and complete with an aftermarket buttstock. In the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the game, the Carbine Rifle's textures are much more detailed, having stampings and pins on the receiver that aren't visible on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. It is manufactured by the Austrian company Vom Feuer, as seen inscribed in the updated model (which may be again an allusion to HK416 - being an American design produced by a company from a German-speaking country).



The GTA III version of the rifle differs from any other variant for how powerful it is: Featuring an exceptionally high rate of fire and an unrealistic 60 round magazine, it is always a one shot kill against any enemy in any part of the body and can easily destroy most vehicles with a few bursts, making it arguably the most powerful firearm in the game. One might even compare it to the Minigun or the M-60 seen in later games. Similar to the Sniper Rifle and the Rocket Launcher, the rifle can be aimed in first person, resulting in a stationary view with the crosshair on the center of the screen. Despite (or perhaps due to) its power, the Carbine Rifle in GTA III suffers from wild and nearly uncontrollable recoil- even when being aimed in first person.


The M4A1 in GTA Vice City is a much less powerful rifle than its GTA III predecessor, and despite still being a one-shot kill in nearly all occasions, it now features a slower rate of fire and a 30-round magazine. On the other hand, the recoil is also much lower this time around, making it useful for more precise shots. Like in GTA III, it can also be aimed in first person.


The GTA San Andreas version has an even lower rate of fire than unusual for an assault rifle, and it also has considerably less power, now only being a one-shot kill weapon if aimed at the head. Even though, it is still highly effective, featuring a 50-round STANAG magazine and a smaller crosshair than that of the AK-47, making it useful for more precise and accurate shots. It is nearly recoiless compared to the AK-47 and has a 20 meter range advantage over it. The M4 is outranged only by the Country Rifle and the Sniper Rifle. It doesn't feature a first person aiming mode like its predecessors did, and neither do any of the following games have it.


The rifle in GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories is closer to its Vice City version, having a similar rate of fire and being a one-shot kill against most enemies. It also features a 30-round magazine in both games.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, the performance of the Carbine Rifle is stellar. Accuracy and fire rate are both high, along with damage. It is highly effective in close to mid range, with accuracy dropping off at long range. Accuracy is even higher when crouched, allowing the player to fire it on fully automatic while being able to reliably hit targets. It has the longest range of any non-sniper weapon in the game. It's not as powerful as the AK-47, but its precision and fire rate still make it nonetheless one of the best rifles in the game.


The Chinatown Wars version is incredibly powerful, being almost comparable to the one present in GTA III, with a few bursts being enough to easily kill an enemy and destroy a vehicle. Its fire rate is also exceptionally fast, being able to quickly empty its 50-round magazine.


In Grand Theft Auto V, the Carbine Rifle is superior and all-round to SMGs, and is more accurate but less powerful than the Advanced Rifle along with the quick rate of fire which makes the ammo decrease quickly. Still, it is a very accurate weapon that can be relied on for any situation.



Rounds & magazine GTA V GTA Online (Unlock)
Rounds (60) $36 $108
Default clip (30 rounds) Default Default (Rank 42)
Extended clip (60 rounds) $262 $9775
Grip (more stability, slightly increases accuracy) $330 $4350
Flashlight (provides ilumination when aiming) $375 $2350
Scope (mid-range zoom, slightly increases accuracy) $1125 $10900
Suppressor (silences but slightly reduces damage and range) $2037 $12450
Black Default Default (Rank 42)
Army $100 $5000 (Kill 100 players)
Green (Collector's Edition and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $7500 (Kill 200 players)
Orange (Collector's Edition and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $? (Kill 400 players)
LSPD $600 $5750 (Kill 600 players)
Pink (Collector's Edition and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $7500 (Rank 50)
Gold (Collector's Edition and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $10000 (Rank 75)
Platinum (Collector's Edition and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $12500 (Rank 100)

游戏中的表现 编辑


在《侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市》中,它出现于任务“Rub Out”,被汤米兰斯用于杀死迪亚兹。该任务过后,这个武器可以在DowntownAmmu-Nation购买。在任务“Cop Land“中也有出现。在Fort Baxter Air Base中也有士兵使用该类武器。

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas编辑

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the M4 is used by the army at a six star wanted level, during Black Project, Up, Up and Away! and Vertical Bird, and by the Ballas (3D Universe) during End of the Line.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories编辑

It is a very rare weapon during the course of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, being used only by Forelli Family hitmen in Love on the Rocks, Kazuki's guards in Cash in Kazuki's Chips , and by Massimo's guards in The Sicilian Gambit.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories编辑

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, it is used in various missions (most notably when Lance uses it in Blitzkrieg Strikes Again), and can be bought at Ammu-Nation upon unlocking Ocean Beach following From Zero to Hero. Soldiers at Fort Baxter Air Base can once again be seen wielding the rifle.

Grand Theft Auto IV编辑

In GTA IV, the Carbine Rifle is given during Three Leaf Clover and is available to purchase afterwards. Niko uses it during the Ballad of Gay Tony mission, Ladies Half Price, provided if players choose to go back to the ambush and kill him and Packie. NOOSE Officers will attack the player if they have a wanted level of three stars or higher.

Grand Theft Auto V编辑

In GTA V, the Carbine is the first weapon to be used in the game, being used by Michael and Trevor during the prologue. If the Loud and Dumb approach is used during The Jewel Store Job, the Carbine will be used during the heist, fitted with a suppressor. During the Aztecas' attack on Trevor's meth lab, Trevor and Chef use the Carbine to hold off their attackers. In the events of The Wrap Up, FIB agents will also be seen using the Carbine during the intro cutscene and during gameplay. Merryweather mercenaries will also use the Carbine against the player during their mission appearances. As with GTA IV, NOOSE officers will use the Carbine against the player during a wanted level of three stars or higher.


In-Game models编辑

HUD icons编辑

First Person编辑



Grand Theft Auto III编辑

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City编辑


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas编辑

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories编辑

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories编辑

Grand Theft Auto IV编辑

It can be purchased from the back-alley gun shops for $5,000 and each additional magazine will cost $100. It can be purchased from Little Jacob for $3,500 with each additional magazine costing $70. The Carbine Rifle can also be acquired from NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officers, FIB Agents and certain LCPD Officers, specifically those who guard places of high security such as The Statue of Happiness, Francis International Airport and the roadblocks on bridges (before Three Leaf Clover).




Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars编辑

  • Available in Ammu-Nation after the Fully-Crocked Upgrade is purchased.

Grand Theft Auto V编辑

  • Can be bought at Ammu-Nation after completing The Jewel Store Job, for $2,100.
  • After entering and exiting a Park Ranger SUV the player will get 30 Rounds.
  • Can be acquired when killing NOOSE, Army or LSPD officers carrying the weapon.
  • Going to the Army Base and killing the two soldiers at the gate.
  • Killing the 2 LSPD officers equipped with the Carbine Rifle at the airport.

Grand Theft Auto Online编辑

  • It can be bought at Ammu-Nation at level 42.
  • May spawn during Merryweather Gang Attacks both as weapon pickups and being used by Merryweather.
  • Alternatively it can be obtained for free by going to the Army Base and killing members of the military, or by visiting the airport in South Los Santos from some police officers (To keep the rifle after leaving a lobby you are required to be level 42, as if you don't meet that requirement you will lose it once you leave).
  • Spawns at waves 4+ during a Survival, and common among enemies at higher levels.



  • The name "Carbine Rifle" is a contradiction in terms, as "carbine" and "rifle" represent two mutually-exclusive categories. A carbine is a firearm with a barrel length shorter than a rifle's or musket's, but longer than a pistol's.
  • The GTA V version appears to be heavily based on the Heckler & Koch HK416 model D10RS.

3D Universe编辑

  • In the PlayStation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto III, the AR10 has a green aiming cursor, but in the PC, Xbox and mobile versions of the game, the green cursor is replaced by a circle and a dot.
  • In San Andreas and Vice City, the Colt 733 has the front sight facing backwards and the stock is modeled differently.

HD Universe编辑

  • Strangely, the M4 in Grand Theft Auto IV has two reload animations. When Niko is standing while reloading, he will pull the charging handle, but when crouching while reloading, he takes "out" the magazine, puts "another" in and pulls the charging handle. There is no confirmed reason for why there are two reload animations, but it is speculated that it is for balancing reasons, as the player is much more effective while crouched. This oddity is also present on the AK-47 and the Assault Shotgun.
  • In GTA IV, the bottom of the Carbine Rifle's magazine is stamped with the words "Stop Chillin' Start Killin'".
  • There are a few artworks of Michael holding an M4 CQBR with an M68 CCO red dot sight and sound supressor. However, said weapon never appears in-game.
  • In GTA V, when customized with a scope attachment, the iron sights are not removed or flipped down; this is highly impractical as the iron sights would obstruct the viewing field of the scope. This is most likely an oversight by Rockstar. In the updated GTA V for next gen consoles, the sights are correctly flipped down, but only in first person view.
  • Adding the suppressor to the Carbine Rifle in GTA V seems to convert the barrel into an integral suppressor. Slightly reminiscent of the AAC Honey Badger assault rifle, which is also an M4 variant that has an integral suppressor.
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