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Grand Theft Auto 2 Theme
GTA2 Box Art
开发DMA Design/狼蛛工作室
发行Rockstar Games

Flag of the United States Flag of Canada 1999年10月25日
Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the European Union 1999年10月22日
Flag of Australia Flag of New Zealand 1999年
Flag of the United States Flag of Canada 1999年10月27日
Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the European Union 1999年10月27日
Flag of Australia Flag of New Zealand 1999年10月27日
Flag of the United States Flag of Canada 2000年4月30日
Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the European Union 2000年7月28日
Flag of Australia Flag of New Zealand 2000年7月28日
Game Boy Color
Flag of the United States Flag of Canada 2000年12月25日
Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the European Union 200年11月10日
Flag of Australia Flag of New Zealand 2000年

Game Boy Color

ESRB: T (PC and Dreamcast: M)
BBFC: 18
USK: 16+
OFLC: MA 15+
OFLC (NZ): R18
SELL: 16

主角Claude Speed
地点Anywhere City







         – 失落与诅咒
         – 夜生活之曲

侠盗猎车手2》(英语:Grand Theft Auto 2,简称:GTA 2),又译《横行霸道 2》,是侠盗猎车手系列中的第二部主要作品。由一间苏格兰公司DMA Design(现称Rockstar North)开发,并于1999年10月22日在北美推出,首先于PCPlayStation平台上发售。Dreamcast版本则于2000年4月30日发售,内容与PC版差不多,缩减的Game Boy Color版则于2000年11月10日发售。


概观 编辑



游戏设定 编辑

城市 编辑

主角的名字叫做克劳德·斯皮德。游戏设置在一个名为Anywhere City的城市,该市分为三大区域,分别为:市中


  • 在市中心区的通缉星级最高上限是4颗星,玩家会遭遇S.W.A.T特警小队的追缉。
  • 在PC版中,解锁住宅区会有5颗星上限的通缉星级,玩家会遭遇FBI探员的追捕,PlayStation版中则是6颗星上限的通缉星级,玩家会遭遇军队的追缉。
  • 解锁工业区在PC版和PlayStation版中都会有6颗星上限的通缉星级,军队会使用多种军用载具前来缉拿玩家。

存档 编辑

本作新增了可存档的功能,但前提是玩家必须找到一个名为Jesus Saves的教堂。 It can only be found by listening out for the organ playing or by hijacking a TV Van (the antenna on top always points towards it). 当玩家抵达教堂后,还需要花费50000元才能存档,因此最佳方案是在退出游戏前再保存游戏。然而,完成2至3个任务后玩家得到的酬金就能达到50000元。

尊重 编辑

每个区域内都有3个帮派,他们起初对玩家采取中立态度,但3个帮派之间势不两立。攻击敌对帮派可以增加威望,可是这样做,玩家就会损失敌对帮派对其的尊重 ——如果玩家进入敌对帮派的管辖地盘,敌对帮派的成员就会主动攻击玩家。在市中心区活动的帮派成员只会携带手枪,但在其他区域活动的帮派成员会配备与他们对玩家仇恨程度相当的武器,但是仍然会有部分帮派成员只携带手枪。提高尊重还可以藉由完成每个帮派给予的任务的方式,解锁更高级别的尊重会更困难一些,但报酬也会水涨船高。玩家可以获知每个帮派的敌对帮派by going to the blue phone in each of the gang's territory.

任务 编辑


Bonuses 编辑

Bonus Arenas 编辑

After completing each level in the PC version, the player unlocks not only the next district, but also one bonus arena. There are two different types, each with 3 arenas; Destroying Ice Cream Vans, and a time-attack mode where the player must race against the clock (killing pedestrians and gang members earns the player more time).

Bonus Missions 编辑

In every city there are some "side" missions, most reward the player with an extra life or money, but the Wang Carsside mission rewards the player with 3 special vehicles. These missions are:

  • Kill Frenzies - killing a lot of people or blowing up many cars in the appointed time.
  • GTA 2 Tokens - collecting tokens with GTA2 signs on them (there are 50 tokens in each level).
  • Wang Cars - finding 8 GT-A1 cars in the Residential District.

帮派 编辑


  • Zaibatsu Corporation (symbol: yellow 'Z') - They appear in all of the areas and are a seemingly legitimate corporation who manufacture everything from cars and weapons to medication, but beneath the surface they are involved heavily in narcotics, contract-killing and shadowy politics. Their car, the Z-Type, is the second fastest gang car available. In the Residential District, they start attacking the player with Dual Pistols, which further advances to a Machine Gun; in the Industrial District their weaponry upgrades from a Pistol to a Silenced Machine Gun to a Rocket Launcher. The Zaibatsu is apparently led by at least three leaders, or at least have three executives through whom they organize their criminal activities: Trey Welsh in the Commercial District, Red Valdez in the Residential District, and Uno Carb in the Industrial District. Their gang color is black. Their name comes from 'zaibatsu', the Japanese word for conglomerate.
  • Loonies (symbol: winking smiley face) - They appear in the Downtown District. Their gang car, theDementia, is a microcar with their mark painted on top and is probably named after their apparent insanity. Their small section of turf is in the vicinity of the city's mental institution, named "SunnySide" after the Mental Institution in Montrose, Scotland, near Dundee, where the game was originally created. Their boss is Elmo. Their gang colour is light green.
  • The Yakuza (symbol: blue yen '¥') - They also appear in the first area. They make drugs at the so-called J-Lab, one of their strongest "industries". Their boss is Johnny Zoo. Deep blue is their gang color, and their car is the Miara.
  • SRS Scientists (symbol: a golden shield) - They are headquartered in the Residential District, and are a clandestine research institute involved in slightly questionable practices. Their business is advanced weapon development along with cloning, genetic engineering and robotics. Their leader, Dr. LaBrat, is Icelandic, and all of their 'street' members appear to be genetically engineered clone soldiers. Their gang car, the Meteor, is the fastest gang car available. Their weaponry upgrades from Machine Guns toFlamethrowers. Their turf is the Scientist Research Center. Their gang color is pale gold.
  • Rednecks (symbol: the Confederate flag) - Led by Billy Bob Bean, they appear in the second area, are rabid fans of Elvis Presley, and specialize in explosives and vehicles. Their business is the brewing, running and selling of moonshine. Their car is a wide Pickup truck. Their weaponry upgrades fromMachine Guns to Molotov Cocktails. The Rednecks' turf is the trailer park at the northwest of the Residential Area. Their gang color is light blue.
  • Russian Mafia (symbol: a red star) - They appear in the third area and specialize in contract-killing and gun running. Their car is the Bulwark, a station wagon, which is the most durable gang car in the game (capable of surviving one direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade, hand grenade or Molotov cocktail, if the car is in perfect condition). Their weaponry upgrades from Shotguns to Machine Guns. They can be seen in the seaport areas. Jerkov is the name of their boss. They use red as a gang color.
  • Hare Krishna (symbol: an orange flower) - They appear in the third area and their car, the Karma Bus, is a big love bus with flowers painted on its roof. Their weaponry upgrades from Molotov Cocktails toFlamethrowers. The Krishna's turf is around their temple. Their boss' name is Sunbeam. They use orange as a gang color. This gang also appeared in the first Grand Theft Auto game (the player would earn the Gouranga bonus for killing them), but they were not involved in criminal acts.

Radio stations 编辑

Each area features five radio stations, from a pool of eleven, which the player listen to while driving a vehicle. Changing radio stations for preference was also possible in the PC version by using the "F1" function key." "Head Radio" was present in the original Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Each gang also has its own radio station that transmits within a limited area. All radio stations only play music, unlike future games, which feature a talk radio station as well as music stations.

  • Head Radio -- The city's largest commercial radio station. It can be received in all areas of the game. The DJ's names are Phanny Joe Styles and Johnny Riccaro. Head Radio plays modern pop and rock.
  • Rockstar Radio -- A commercial radio station in the Downtown Area. Sammy Starock is the name of the DJ. The station plays pop and rock and occasionally features on-air phone calls from "listeners". The name is obviously a reference to Rockstar Games.
  • KREZ -- The Residential Area's commercial station which plays hip hop and rap. The DJ is Richie T.
  • Lo-Fi FM -- A commercial station in the Industrial Area that plays oldies and pop. The DJ (DJ Die/Dye—Dai is a Welsh abbreviation for the name 'David') is Welsh and seems to have no ties to gangs in the area.
  • Futuro FM -- The Zaibatsu gang's station. It can be received in all three areas. The DJ, Dean Franz, plays dance, jazz-oriented pop and Funk. "Futuro" is Italian, Portuguese and Spanish for "future".
  • Funami FM -- The Yakuza gang's station in the Downtown Area. The music is drum and bass-type electronic music. The station is hosted by a Japanese man and a frantically screaming Japanese woman (in a varied high-pitch voice) calling herself Teriyaki-chan.
  • Lithium FM -- The Loonies' station. Features a totally insane DJ, Spaz Funbags, as well as some oldies and dance-music.
  • Rebel Radio/KING -- The Redneck gang station in the Residential Area. The DJ, Marshall Nash, has a thick Southern accent. The music of choice is modern and classic rock.
  • Osmosis Radio -- The Scientists' station, transmitting in the Residential Area. The DJ "Mama Doc", who is Icelandic or Scandinavian, plays modern dance music.
  • Heavenly Radio -- The Krishnas' gang station, transmitting in the Industrial Sector. The music is a mix of Jesus-pop and soft music. Listeners are continuously urged by the station's DJ, Venus Ordelia, to convert.
  • KGBH -- Radio station of the Russian Mafia with DJ Bomba Tomba. KGBH frequently encounters both technical and personal problems that interfere with their broadcasts. The station primarily plays classic rock.

线上模式 编辑

《侠盗猎车手2》是最后一款包含有线上模式的PC版系列作品,直到《侠盗猎车手IV》的发售。线上模式最多可容纳6名玩家,通过局域网、互联网、串行电缆或调制解调器等连线模式在游戏世界中互相竞争或合作。There are also 3 small multiplayer maps designed for smaller number of players, as well as 3 districts with modified locations of weapons and parked cars.

Playing via internet using only built-in tools is quite difficult. First you need to choose "tcp/ip connection", then enter server IP and you will be able to join only if host is in hosting menu. That's why programs like GTA2 Game Hunter, or GTA2 Gamer were made. They provide one-click joining without entering anybody's IP, chat and some other useful options which makes playing GTA 2 online as easy as any other modern game.

侠盗猎车手2:真人电影 编辑



The opening of the game was pieced together from live film-material that was taken from an 8 minute GTA 2 short-movie created for the purpose of advertising the game.这部电影现已向公众提供并且可于游戏的官方网站上下载。



评价 编辑



GamePro给了游戏7/10的游戏,并说:“游戏具有反常的乐趣,但随即就显得过于老套。”Games Radar给的分数则是6.9/10,认为其"Carefully crafted, big and sprawling and, more to the point, fun and exciting,GTA2 retains the best qualities of its predecessors, and its new gang warfare element improves upon and expands upon the original idea, giving the gameplay a little more depth." IGN给了6.8/10的分数,评论道"Here we have one of the few times that good gameplay has been badly hampered by control and graphic choices... Not a bad game, but essentially, it's more of the same." Gamespot给了同样的分数,认为"The graphics have been redone, the music is different, there is a slew of new weapons, the mission structure is a bit more complex, and the city feels a bit more alive. But at its core, GTA2 is the same old game."


琐事 编辑

  • 游戏的背景年代备受争议。游戏的官方网站上有一份警方记录,日期显示为2013年7月7日和2013年7月10日,表明《侠盗猎车手2》的背景年代设定在2013年的7月份左右。游戏中的武器装备是未来化的,官方网站称它们是"three weeks into the future" ,and then the website's time is three weeks ahead of the current time。但是,certain cars in the game can date back as early as the late 30s: The cars in the game do not appear to be from the year 2013, it only features cars from up to 1999, when the game was released, but this is just retro futurism, as cars from the past can easily still exist in the future.同时,电台主持人强尼·里卡多,提及了千禧年即将到来,这有可能表明了游戏的背景年代设置在1999年,即游戏的发行年份,甚至有可能是2999年,因为游戏中充斥着未来主义的事物。总而言之,游戏的背景年代更有可能设置在一个笼统的时间范围内(从1999年至2999年),契合了游戏总体的背景设定“Anywhere City,美国”。
    • 《侠盗猎车手V》的背景年代同样设定在2013年,但与《侠盗猎车手2》的背景设定截然不同,除开镭射枪UFO外,《侠盗猎车手V》没有任何的未来主义、科幻事物。
  • PS版本的游戏获得了ESRB等级为"T"的评级,这样的评级对于侠盗猎车手系列来说是空前绝后的例外。
  • It is the only numbered title in the series not to be set in the year it was released.
  • 直到2004年侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯》的发布,《侠盗猎车手2》都是唯一有车辆铰连装置设定的系列作品。
  • 假如《侠盗猎车手2》的背景年代的确设定在2013年,那么按照时间顺序,它和《侠盗猎车手V》同为年代设定最近的系列作品。
  • 《侠盗猎车手2》和《侠盗猎车手V》是唯二在两个不同世代的游戏机上发售的系列作品。PlayStation是第五世代的家用游戏机而Dreamcast则是第六世代的家用游戏机。对于《侠盗猎车手V》来说,PlayStation 3和Xbox 360是第七世代的家用游戏机,而PlayStation 4和Xbox One则是第八世代的家用游戏机。
  • 迄今为止,《侠盗猎车手2》仍是唯一设定在未来时间线上或者科幻为主题的虚拟现实背景的系列作品。
  • 《侠盗猎车手2》是唯一在标题中使用阿拉伯数字而不是罗马数字的系列作品。
  • 玩家只能手动设定白天或晚上,方法是从菜单选项中选择设定 > 视频设置 > 时间设置 (仅适用于PC版)
  • The announcer of the game, that says the famous line And remember, respect is everything! at the beginning of the game and also the infamous Wasted! whenever you die, isn't present on the PS version of the game, as also there isn't night time and the graphics are a bit more cartoonish, the reason for that, is because the PS couldn't support so much mechanics like the PC and Dreamcast versions of the game.
  • The announcer of the game, that says the famous line And remember, respect is everything! at the beginning of the game and also the infamous Wasted! whenever you die, isn't present on the PS version of the game, as also there isn't night time and the graphics are a bit more cartoonish, the reason for that, is because the PS couldn't support so much mechanics like the PC and Dreamcast versions of the game.
  • While the PC versions can accommodate both noon and dusk, the Dreamcast version can only support dusk, and the PlayStation/GameBoy Color versions only support day.
  • A GTA 2 style logo is featured on the back cover of GTA V.
  • GTA 2 is the only game that contains an exclamation "!" mark from all the missions given to the player.
  • Grand Theft Auto 2 and the GTA London games are the only GTA Games to use the GTA abbreviation on the front cover.
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