俠盜獵車手:罪惡倫敦1969》 (英語:Grand Theft Auto: London 1969,官方正規標題Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London 1969,坊間稱呼GTA London '69或簡稱GTA London) 是《俠盜獵車手》的第一個任務包,需要《俠盜獵車手》才可執行。1999年4月在Microsoft Windows和DOS和PlayStation上發售。總共增加了30台新車和32個任務,並改用真實城市——1969年的倫敦。

遊戲內容 編輯

本作的遊戲內容與《俠盜獵車手》並無兩樣。including the dock cranes for import/export,Kill Frenzies, police bribes, and Pay 'n' Sprayand bomb-fitting garages of the original, except the location and British specifics such as driving on the left hand side of the road. Navigating the game menus causes sounds such as the chimes of Big Ben.

Successfully completing a mission will result in a Cockney-accent saying "Nice on myy Beauty!" If the protagonist attracts too much police attention, theLondon police will pursue, identified on the HUD by police heads with "English bobby helmets". When arrestedby the "cozzers", the police will say "You're Nicked!". If the protagonist is killed, a message will come up saying "You're Brown Bread!", which is Cockney rhyming slang for "you're dead".

Similar to how running over a group of similarly-clothed pedestrians would earn you a bonus in score in the original GTA (such as a group of Hare Krishnas would earn the famous "Gouranga!"), running over a group of similarly-dressed pedestrians (apparently football hooligans) will result in a "Keep London Tidy!" bonus.

武器 編輯


  • 拳頭:無法殺人,但能使敵人停住幾秒。
  • 手槍:可以在醫院、警局附近撿到子彈,是警察和犯人慣用槍。
  • 機槍:在特定場所發現,很少子彈。達四星通緝時,警察會使用此槍。
  • 火箭發射器:只能用在摧毀汽車,但建築被打到會失火。很稀有。
  • 火焰噴射器:可使汽車和人着火。在殲滅敵人時非常好用,但很稀有。
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