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侠盗猎车手系列(英语:Grand Theft Auto,简称GTA,也有“偷车大盗”、“横行霸道”、“侠盗飞车”、“侠盗飞车手”、“侠盗猎车”等非官方译名)是一个动作冒险游戏系列,最早由大卫·琼斯和迈克·戴利创造,之后由丹·浩瑟山姆·浩瑟兄弟以及游戏设计师柴克瑞·克拉克(Zachary Clarke)接手制作。本系列主要由位于苏格兰爱丁堡的Rockstar North(前身为DMA Design)制作,并由Rockstar Games发行。


电子游戏开发商DMA Design最早在1997年开创了侠盗猎车手系列,目前为止本系列共有11款独立作品以及4部资料片。其中正传第三款作品《侠盗猎车手III》获得了广泛的好评,并将本系列带往3D图像的世界,以及加入了更多令玩者沈浸游戏世界的内容。《侠盗猎车手III》被认为是系列中的里程碑代表作,同时也影响了后继的开放世界动作游戏。侠盗猎车手系列在评价和商业上都获得成功,全系列总销量已超过1.5亿套。




标题 宇宙 年份 设定年份 主角 平台
侠盗猎车手 2D 1997年 1997年 玩家的选择 PCPlayStationGame Boy Color
侠盗猎车手2 2D 1999年 2013年 克劳德·斯皮德 PCPlayStationDreamcastGame Boy Color
侠盗猎车手III 3D 2001年 2001年 克劳德 PCPlayStation 2XboxiOS设备, Android设备
侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市 3D 2002年 1986年 汤米·凡赛堤 PCPlayStation 2XboxiOS设备Android设备
侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯 3D 2004年 1992年 卡尔·强生 PCPlayStation 2XboxXbox 360PlayStation 3iOS设备Android设备
侠盗猎车手IV HD 2008年 2008年 尼可·贝里奇 PCPlayStation 3Xbox 360
侠盗猎车手V HD 2013年 2013年 麦可·迪圣塔
PlayStation 3Xbox 360PlayStation 4PCXbox One


Game Universe Year Set In Protagonist(s) Platform(s)
Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 2D 1999 1969 Player's choice PC, PlayStation
Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 2D 1999 1961 Player's choice PC
Grand Theft Auto Advance 3D 2004 2000 Mike Game Boy Advance
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 3D 2005 1998 Toni Cipriani PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories 3D 2006 1984 Victor Vance PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned HD 2009 2008 Johnny Klebitz PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony HD 2009 2008 Luis Fernando Lopez PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD 2009 2009 Huang Lee Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, iOS devices, Android, Kindle Fire
Grand Theft Auto Online HD 2013 2013 GTA Online Protagonist PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Individual games in the series can be categorized into different "universes", which mostly depend on the storyline and the graphics engine used. The start of a new "universe" is indicated by the graphics used in the game.


In the 2D Universe there is the original game, the subsequent two expansion packs featuring missions in 1960's London and GTA 2, which featured an improved graphics engine and a different style of gameplay. Whilst originally just called '"Grand Theft Auto", the first game and era have become known as "GTA 1" for clarity.


The 3D Universe featured the first blockbuster GTA title, Grand Theft Auto III, and introduced a 3D game world and a third person perspective. The entire era contains interlocking storylines, and many characters appear across multiple games. Notably, games in this era were not released in chronological order, with first game released being the last chronologically, and the last game released being the first chronologically.

  • 5. Grand Theft Auto III (2001) - Set in fictional Liberty City, based upon the real life New York City. Multiplayer game mode was lost, but other areas were much improved, namely the graphics, voice acting, storyline with non-linear gameplay.
  • 6. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) - Set in Vice City, a city based on real life Miami. This sequel to GTA III is technically a prequel (set in 1986) to the game, and to GTA San Andreas, which was released after GTA Vice City.
  • 7. Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004) - What was originally supposed to be a cut-down port of GTA III for the Game Boy Advance, turned out to be a completely original game, set a year before GTA III, in a slightly changed Liberty City.
See also: The Introduction

It is generally believed that the 3D Universe has been completed, and there will be no more official expansions on the characters, storylines or engine. However modifications and fan fiction continue to build on these.

HD Universe编辑

The HD Universe features Rockstar's new RAGE engine, also used in Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis. This era features

  • 12. The Lost and Damned (2009) - A downloadable episode released in February 2009 for the Xbox 360. TLAD is set in the same Liberty City as GTA IV, with events and characters overlapping with GTA IV. The protagonist is a biker, Johnny Klebitz, of The Lost Brotherhood biker gang. It is also available on a disc Episodes From Liberty City which includes The Ballad of Gay Tony also. It was released on PC (Games for Windows - LIVE) and PlayStation 3 in April 2010.
  • 13. The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009) - A second episode for GTA IV released in October 2009, the last DLC for GTA IV. The protagonist is Luis Lopez, a part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Gay Tony. It was released on the same day as Episodes From Liberty City disc. It was released on PC (Games for Windows - LIVE) and PlayStation 3 in April 2010.
  • 14. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009) - Set in 2009 and focusing on the Liberty City triads. The protagonist, Huang Lee is the son of a murdered Triad boss who comes to Liberty City. It is set in the same Liberty City as GTA IV (excluding Alderney, but scaled down for the Nintendo DS). PSP, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire ports were released later, the PSP version including new missions and characters, and all new versions including new radio stations and improved graphics.
  • 16. Grand Theft Auto Online (2013) - Set shortly before the events of Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, is considered by Rockstar to the series' first multiplayer title. The player assumes the role of an online protagonist, with the focus of the game being heavily centered on money. Grand Theft Auto Online was released on October 1, 2013, 14 days after the actual game and is played from within GTA V.

The Fan Base编辑

Grand Theft Auto has one of the largest fan bases of any game franchise. There are many unofficial Fansites about GTA games, providing the latest news, download databases, and often an online forum for the GTA community. Thousands of GTA fansites exist, ranging from small one-person news blogs to community-edited wikis (like this one) to massive downloads databases to forums with hundreds of thousands of members.

An activity popular with fans is modding - creating new vehicle models, skins, re-texturing of objects, and tweaking settings in the games' configuration files. These modifications are made freely available on fansites for anyone to download and install into their game. Another popular pastime (since GTA III) is stunting - the act of performing wild stunts with vehicles, which are produced into compilation videos.

Another activity popular with members of the community is writing Fan Fiction - stories based on events which follow on from, or are based around events which happen in the games, but these are not to be considered canon.

The List of GTA Forums attempts to list all of the large communities, and by demonstrating just how big the community as a whole is.

These are a list of some of the most popular fan sites:


  • Every GTA features an entry screen showing different artworks from the game, while the game loads.
  • Every GTA cover since GTA III (except for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto: Advance) features a helicopter on the top left corner of the cover art.
  • Grand Theft Auto is the best selling Sandbox/Open World game series of all time.
  • The GTA series has sold over 150 million copies on all platforms.
  • GTA V was the fastest selling and most profitable entertainment product in history, making over $1 billion in just 3 days after its release.

Official Sites编辑

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