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传统意义上,主角是著作或戏剧的主要人物并在作品中占有重要的地位。 或者, the phrase denotes a primary advocate or proponent for a cause or movement. 主要角色在故事中可以是一个英雄或恶棍 -他只是在故事中有领导作用。 In literature, the protagonist is characterized by his/her ability to change or evolve.


Traits 编辑

在下侠盗猎车手III侠盗猎车手IV的主角都一样。大多数主角要么以前从没去过他们的城市(如克劳德汤米·维赛迪维克·文斯尼可·贝里奇),要么过了很长一段时间回归他们的城市(如卡尔·强生东尼·希比雅尼)。主角开始的时候都一无所有,在前他们仅有少量的影响力和声誉,不得不给各式各样的人打工,结交朋友和盟友(Maria LatoreAsuka KasenAvery CarringtonWu Zi Mu, and Little Jacob)来登上社会和经济的阶梯,在黑社会崛起。他们开始的时候 establishing a name for themselves in the town, 做工作,结交强大的朋友和生意同伴,and cutting real deals as their prominence, 尊重,金钱和声望开始增长,直到游戏结束他们和强大的朋友和/或生意伙伴成为城市的顶层人物不正常的主角如Luis Fernando Lopez Johnny Klebitz 在游戏开始就一直住在自由城里并且早就拥有established a name, 强大的朋友和社会和经济顶层地位。主角 (在侠盗猎车手V)无论在跟毒品工作和从事跟毒品有关的活动时都讨厌毒品, 从不故意使用它们然而,然而在游戏中三个主角可以在安全屋里使用毒品。 富兰克林麦可吸食大麻 , 崔佛吸食甲基苯丙胺.

反派 编辑

主要词条: 反派


侠盗猎车手的主角通常很早就加入了故事,通常以主角朋友或伙伴的形式出现直到背叛他们的主角(like Catalina, Sonny Forelli, Big Smoke, Jerry Martinez and Dimitri Rascalov) these betrayals can be done by not just main antagonists but antagonists in general. 他们在游戏中通常被出现,听说,或提及, moving against the protagonists' plans or goals, while the protagonist continues his quest for vengeance, and will not appear after their betrayal until they are finally confronted and killed by the protagonist at the end of the game, thus removing the protagonist's problems and completing the main storyline. 不正常的反派如Massimo Torini, 登场次数(2)比任何一个反派要少。

List of protagonists 编辑

Game Protagonist(s)


(*) Bubba

(*) Divine

(*) Katie

(*) Kivlov

(*) Mikki

(*) Travis

(*) Troy


(*) Kelly

(**) BigMac

(**) Brains

(**) Christie

(**) Dog End

(**) Fingers

(**) Goodlad

(**) Noodles

(**) Redneck

(**) Rizzo

(**) Skipper

(**) Snowy

(**) Spook

(**) Thud

(**) Turbo

(**) Vinny

(*) Charles Jones

(*) Johnny Hawtorn
(*) Maurice Caine
(*) Mick Casey
(*) Rodney Morash
(*) Sid Vacant
(*) Winston Henry
(*) Wolfie Vilans

侠盗猎车手2 (protagonists for GBC) 克劳德·斯皮德

(*) Calligari

(*) Candy

(*) Eddie

(*) Gretchen

(*) Paulo

(*) Ruben

侠盗猎车手III 克劳德
侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市 汤米·维赛迪
侠盗猎车手Advance 麦克
侠盗猎车手:圣安地列斯 卡尔·强生
侠盗猎车手:自由城故事 Toni Cipriani
侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市故事 维克多·万斯
侠盗猎车手IV 尼可·贝里奇
侠盗猎车手: 失落与诅咒 Johnny Klebitz
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony Luis Fernando Lopez
侠盗猎车手:血战唐人街 李皇
侠盗猎车手V 麦可·迪圣塔
侠盗猎车手线上模式 (*) 线上模式人物

(*) - 玩家选择

(**) - 隐藏角色 & 玩家选择

List of Ally Groups 编辑



Group reason: Claude maintains a close friendship and working relationship with the Yakuza over the course of the game, but does not commit himself to a particular gang. He also maintains relations with the Southside Hoods, who at the end of the game become one of the few gangs not hostile to Claude.


组织: ·维赛迪帮派

Group reason: Tommy founded the Vercetti gang after taking over Ricardo Diaz's empire in Vice City. Tommy's gang is not named in the game, with the name "Vercetti Gang" spawning from Tommy's purchase of the Kaufman Cabs taxi company and dispatcher Delores informing the drivers that the company is now owned by the "Vercetti Gang". Tommy also maintains good relations with Umberto Robina's Cuban Street gang and Mitch Baker's Vice City Bikers.

Protagonist: Carl Johnson

Group: Grove Street Families

Group reason: Carl's brother, Sweet, is a leader of the gang and therefore makes Carl second in command. Carl has friendly relationships with the Triad leader Wu Zi Mu, and Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando.

Protagonist: Mike Group: None Group reason: Mike maintains close friendships with some gangs yet has never made a commitment to one. He initially works for the Mafia, yet is allies with Cisco, the leader of the Colombian Cartel.

Protagonist: Toni Cipriani Group: Leone Family Group reason: Toni's parents (or at least his mother) were connected in the Leone Family, but how and when Toni joined the family is never revealed. He is close friends with Don Salvatore Leone and is made Caporegime later in the game, retaining this position in GTA III.

Protagonist: Victor Vance Group: Vance Crime Family Group reason: After leaving the Trailer Park Mafia, Vic and his brother Lance, who would become Vance Crime Family Underboss, started the gang to make money for their asthmatic brother Pete and rise up in the criminal enterprise. Victor begins to work for the Mendez' organization and Diaz' organization in order to increase his influence. Victor also maintains good relationship with Umberto Robina's gang. Victor was murdered by a group of hitmen, during a drug deal with Tommy Vercetti in the begining of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Protagonist: Niko Bellic Group: None Group reason: Niko works freelance, and even though he befriends several gang leaders he does not commit himself to only one. The Jamaican Posse and the McReary Mob have and will always be allied with Niko due to his friendships with Little Jacob and Patrick McReary. Niko also has a sort of connection with and receives protection from the Gambetti Family after he forms a bond with their leader, Jon Gravelli, shortly before his death. He can also have connections with the North Holland Hustlers, if the player chooses to kill Playboy X instead of Dwayne Forge.

Protagonist: Johnny Klebitz Group: The Lost MC Group reason: Johnny is the Vice President of The Lost Motorcycle Club biker gang. He also was best friends with Billy Grey, the President of The Lost, until the latter was imprisoned and the presidential torch passed to Johnny. Johnny was later murdered by Trevor Phillips, one of three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, for speaking unkindly to him.

Protagonist: Luis Fernando Lopez Group: Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers Group reason: Luis works for Tony Prince, who is not affiliated to any specific organization. He is also friends with the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers' members Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas, and depending on the player's actions, Luis can build up a drug empire.

Protagonist: Huang Lee Group: Algonquin Triads Group reason: Huang's father was head of the gang before he was killed for the Yu Jian Sword.

Protagonist: Michael De Santa Group: None Group reason: Although he is a friend of Franklin Clinton, who is a member of The Families gang, Michael is not part of any group.

Protagonist: Franklin Clinton Group: Forum Gangsters/Chamberlain Gangster Families Group reason: Franklin was born and originally lived in South Los Santos, an area controlled by the Chamberlain Gangster Families, which he joined in his youth. His best friend Lamar Davis is also a member of the Families. They eventually start their own Families set which is known as the Forum Gangsters.

Protagonist: Trevor Philips Group: Trevor Philips Enterprises Group reason: He lives in a trailer at Sandy Shores. He also operates with Ron Jakowski, and Oscar Guzman if the McKenzie Field is purchased. Trevor deals weapons and drugs.

ProtagonistGTA Online protagonist Group: Motorcycle Clubs, Organizations, and Crews (Player's Choice) Group reason: New to the city, the player is attached to no specific group and does jobs for various types of people and groups, although the player can create their own crews, motorcycle clubs and organizations or simply join somebody else's.

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Trivia 编辑

  • Niko, Johnny, Luis and Huang have criminal records in the LCPD Database, and each have the crime "Grand Theft Auto" listed.
  • A graffiti design throughout the city in GTA IV suggests that all the protagonists from the 3D Universe are deceased, with the names "Claude", "Tommy", "Carl", "Toni" and "Vic" alongside remembrance graffiti. Rockstar has stated that this is a "joke" for the players and is only to confirm that the characters will not appear again.
  • The protagonists of GTA V (Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, and the Online Player) seem to have a specific color that represents them in the game. Their colors can be seen when activating their special abilities and when switching to them as the screen will tint into their color. Their smart phone theme also indicates towards this, although Trevor's color theme is red, rather than orange (it can be changed).
    • Michael's color is light blue.
    • Trevor's color is orange.
    • Franklin's color is green.
    • The Online Player's color is dark blue. Originally yellow as seen in the GTA Online Gameplay Trailer.
  • 有一些主角的母亲(简妮特·文斯、亚德里安娜·雅妮拉·洛佩斯和菲利普女士)已知名字并且出场,尽管西普里亚尼妈妈只在游戏中听到声音,麦克·迪圣塔的妈妈没有提到名字。不过目前,仅只有麦克·迪圣塔的父亲在游戏中有出场,尽管没有提到名字。
  • Every protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto series seemingly has access to the fictional dimension of Hammer space, able to contain an arsenal of weapons pull them from thin air as required as well as a deep reservoir of ammunition. Though it does have limits as they cannot carry infinite amounts of Ammo and only one copy of the same model of gun.
  • Toni Cipriani and Trevor Philips are the only protagonists in the series to employ another protagonist, as Toni gave missions to Claude, while Trevor gave missions to the GTA Online Protagonist.

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