"Owner insists that it is not a toy store. Instead they sell 1/10th scale replicas of reality. Owner called Zero. Kind of a dork."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Zero RC is a shop operated by RC expert Zero in Garcia, San Fierro featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The shop is owned by an unnamed landlord up until 1992, when the landlord decides to sell the shop. Zero had been living there and knew that he would have nowhere to live should someone buy it. In desperation, Zero calls Carl Johnson pleading for help. CJ, having just met Zero, obliges, and buys the property for $30,000 on his choice, allowing Zero to continue residing there.

Investing in this property unlocks Zero's missions (Air Raid, Supply Lines, and New Model Army), all of which revolve around defeating Zero's rival, Berkley. Completion of the three Zero missions is optional in terms of the overall storyline, but is mandatory for achieving 100% completion. After completing the missions, Zero RC becomes an asset for Carl. It also unlocks side mission Beefy Baron.

The store has several model vehicles, some of them based on the vehicles of San Andreas which includes the Swat Van 92, Hydra, U.S.S. Liberty, Jester, Turismo, NRG-500, and ZR-350. The shop also has action figures of past GTA and Manhunt characters, including Lance Vance, Tommy Vercetti, James Earl Cash and Piggsy, which is another Easter Egg. The shop's banner has a background from one of the Japanese flags.


  • A major glitch will occur in the game if the player has a two-star wanted level or more while buying the RC Shop. Exiting the shop (with the wanted level) disables the script for Zero's phone call, thus disabling all of the shop's missions and the asset property. However, Zero calls Carl once the wanted level is cleared.


  • The Manhunt action figures technically wouldn't have existed during the events of GTA SA, seeing as the events of Manhunt took place in 2003, eleven years after 1992.
  • In PlayStation 2 version of the game random pedestrians spawn inside the shop. In PC version no pedestrians spawn there.


Post-Purchase Phonecall

Post-Purchase Phonecall