Fort Zancudo Treatment Works is a sewage treatment facility run by the Los Santos Department of Sanitation in Grand Theft Auto V.


Located on the north side of Fort Zancudo between the fort and the foot of Mount Josiah, the facility would appear to be the sewage treatment plant servicing the military base.

The facility consists of a few buildings and several oxidation ponds.

Although within Blaine County's boundaries, it is operated by the Los Santos Department of Sanitation and workers in LSDWP gear can be seen on site.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The Diamond Casino Heist


Zancudo Treatment Works GTAV Satellite Map



  • Despite the signs stating that it is a restricted area and considered part of Fort Zancudo, the player will not get any wanted level for trespassing this area.
    • Also, hiding in one of the oxidation ponds while being searched by the Military is one of the easiest ways to obtain a Rhino Tank.
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