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Zancudo Avenue is a two-way secondary street in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in Sandy Shores, Blaine County


It begins at the once-scenic "Sandy Shores Beachfront Recreation Area", a nearly-abandoned stretch of effluent water and dilapidated fishing shacks that once served Sandy Shores' tourist community. It then crosses the eastern end of Marina Drive, running parallel to Algonquin Boulevard for a bit before terminating at Panorama Drive. Zancudo Avenue's most important feature by far is its access to the Medical Center's emergency room entrance. Although much of the rest of this avenue is in disarray, with a mixture of trailers and larger ruins, its eastern end of the street does boast access to both the local tattoo parlor and Chinese restaurant. It also provides limited rear access to the now-defunct Seaton Sands' Automobile Services.

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  • Zancudo is Spanish for a malarial mosquito.
  • Like the fort to its far west, Zancudo Avenue is most likely named for the Zancudo River, which flows from the nearby Alamo Sea. (It's also possible, however, that the street was named for the far less picturesque Lago Zancudo swamp.
  • Given the large number of collapsed buildings and its proximity to Algonquin Boulevard, Zancudo Avenue may once served as an important part of Sandy Shores' local economy.