Yuppie and the Alien is a television show advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, shown on VBC, a parody poking fun at both '80s police drama series Miami Vice and friendly alien comedy series ALF. The show is possibly also a reference to the movie and/or series Alien Nation, although it is probably also an allusion to the fantastical "do-gooder" shows of the '80s in general (e.g., Automan, Manimal, Knight Rider, The Powers of Matthew Star, et al.). It cannot be watched by the player. The commercial for the TV show can be heard on the radio stations K-Chat and Wave 103. Mr. Magic, the DJ on Wildstyle, detests the show.

Radio Commercial

Announcer: This fall, a new hard-hitting police drama is coming to Friday night. He was a well-to-do cop, transferred to a troubled precinct downtown. His new partner is a space traveler, with a passion for justice. It's Yuppie & The Alien!

Captain: Look! You might vaporaze dissidents in Alpha Centauri, but in this precinct, we do it by the book!

Yuppie: I'm so terribly sorry, captain.

Googan: Dah. Googan sorry!

Announcer: Don't miss this one-of-a-kind police drama. They're fighting crime the hard way, in designer clothes, with a quarter of a million dollar sports car, and a UFO.

Yuppie: Partner, let's go cruise in the car, and look moody.

Announcer: One tough, downtown precinct, two outsiders, doing things their way, Yuppie & The Alien, on VBC.


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