Yung Ancestor is a rapper who appears as a character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Diamond Casino Heist. He is voiced by Danny Brown, who also appears as the host of iFruit Radio.

Events of GTA Online

The Diamond Casino Heist

The first time the player takes the elevator up to the roof terrace of The Diamond Casino & Resort after the update, a cutscene will play introducing Yung Ancestor. This is followed by a phone call from Lester. After receiving a phone call from Yung Ancestor, players will have the option to use him to help infiltrate the casino on the Big Con approach.

In order to get Yung to help, the player must first help him get rid of some evidence in a blue rental car with black license plate, and then later on chase down and destroy all of the cameras that the journalists used to take photos of him. Once that's pulled off, Yung will work with the crew during The Big Con approach. Here, he and Brucie Kibbutz meet up with the crew outside Ms. Agatha's office and convince Debbie to tell Thornton Duggan to meet them. Once she leaves however, Yung feigns panicking, saying Debbie knows what they're up to and blaming Brucie for it before pulling out a pistol and shoots Brucie in the leg. As Debbie walks out of Ms. Agatha's office and helps Brucie get to a doctor, Yung quickly leaves the scene and let the crew continue on their own from here.

His custom Furia (ANCESTOR) which is usually seen parked in the casino parking garage can then be used as a getaway vehicle in the heist, unlocking its discounted price at Legendary Motorsport.



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