You're one of those bad men that my Aunt Asuka watches movies about, aren't you?
— Yuka to Mike

Yuka Kasen (Japanese: 優香) is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Advance (set in 2000). She is the niece of Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen.


Yuka lives on Staunton Island, Liberty City, and attends school in Liberty Campus. She also visits her aunt Asuka on a regular basis.

Events of GTA Advance

At the end of one school day she is kidnapped by Mike, working on orders from Colombian Cartel leader Cisco, who planned on using her to blackmail Asuka. Asuka, however, contacts Mike and, unaware of his role in kidnapping her niece, has him rescue a grateful Yuka. Following his success, Asuka begins to employ Mike but later leads him into an ambush with the Mafia, suggesting that Yuka may have informed her aunt of Mike's involvement in her kidnapping. Asuka, concerned with her niece's safety, sends her back to her father. Yuka's kidnapping also appears to have influenced Asuka, who later has Claude cut his ties with his former employer, Salvatore Leone, by killing him before allowing him to work with her.

Mission Appearances

GTA Advance


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