"I was hoping for a couple of strippers and a VIP table in a club. Instead I was ambushed, robbed and left for dead, Uncle. Not much of a welcome."
Huang Lee.

Yu Jian is the first storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by his uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee.


Huang Lee arrives to Liberty City in a jet. He explains that his father is dead and now he has to bring the Yu Jian Sword to his uncle, Wu "Kenny" Lee, as a family tradition that his father created after winning the sword in a poker game. At the Francis International Airport, Huang is greeted by Wu's goons. They are then ambushed, with the goons shot dead and Huang injured by a bullet. Huang wakes up in the ambusher's car. They think Huang is dead and decide to dump their vehicle to get rid of Huang's body. The driver drives the car into the Humboldt River in BOABO and both the ambushers bail out of the car.

Mission Objectives


As the car sinks in the river, use the touchscreen and tap on the window to smash the window and escape from the vehicle. Swim to shore by using the directional buttons. Enter the indicated car. It is optional to enter the vehicle, if the player wants to use another car or roam around the city. Use the touchscreen and drag the screwdriver to the ignition lock, then rotate it to force the ignition lock so that the car can turn on. Drive to Kenny's restaurant in Cerveza Heights, indicated on the radar. At the restaurant, get out of the car and walk to the yellow chevrons to enter the restaurant.

Kenny heard of what happened with Huang and is grateful that he is alive. Huang explains the ambush and the stolen sword. Wu planned to have the sword given to Hsin Jaoming as a gift to increase his chance of replacing Hsin when Hsin steps down as leader of the Triads. Uncle Kenny says that he has arranged an apartment nearby for Huang to rest and ask him to check the place.

Go to the safehouse near the restaurant and watch the tutorial on how to store vehicles in the garage and save the game. After the tutorial ends, the mission is complete.

Post Mission

The red mail icon in Huang's PDA indicates an important e-mail that needs to be read. Touch the icon to read the mail. Kenny wants to speak to Huang soon. Kenny's restaurant is indicated by a K icon in the radar.


The rewards for completing this mission is $50 and the Cerveza Heights safehouse. The mission Pursuit Farce is unlocked.

Mission Replay Description

Liberty City's lunatic society met me at the airport. At least, that's how it seemed.

Anyway, whoever they were, they stole my father's stupid sword - and left me for dead.

Uncle Kenny's in deep shit because of this. I'd better get the damn thing back, or I'll never hear the end of it.

Video Walkthroughs

Yu Jian
GTA Chinatown Wars - Intro & Mission 1 - Yu Jian

GTA Chinatown Wars - Intro & Mission 1 - Yu Jian

Yu Jian
GTA Chinatown Wars - Yu Jian (Replay Gold Medal)

GTA Chinatown Wars - Yu Jian (Replay Gold Medal)




  • A Buccaneer will appear in front of the player once Huang gets ashore. It does not have a special color and the white color can always be found during free roam, though it can be saved after the player finishes the mission.
  • If the player follows the GPS route to the restaurant, on the halfway, Huang can see a Triads' Comet being chased by two police cars. It is possibly that the driver of the Comet is Chan Jaoming, a character appears later in the game.
    • If the player is slow enough to pass this chase, they may get a wanted level.


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