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It's obvious where these fake chips are coming from. The Sindacco Family owns a plastics factory across town. I'm gonna blow it to shit!
— Wu Zi Mu

You've Had Your Chips is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi Mu from his office in The Four Dragons Casino, located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Woozie and Carl are inside Woozie's office playing blackjack when Guppy comes in the office, presenting two casino chips to Woozie. Woozie realizes that one of the chips are fake, and apparently, the Sindacco Family is to blame. Enraged, Woozie wants to blow up a plastics factory where the chips were made. Carl tells Woozie to chill, and decides that he goes himself.

Carl makes his way to the factory in Whitewood Estates. Once there, he realizes that the front entrance is guarded, so he makes his way to the other entrance. Carl can choose to sneak behind some shipping containers to approach the factory, or rush in head-on, being spotted by some Mafia members in an Admiral. Once inside, the boss of the factory tells the thugs to shoot Carl and protect the chip-making machines. However, Carl kills the thugs, and destroys the machines. He then makes his way back to the casino. Guppy asks him how did it go, and Carl says the counterfeit chips have all been taken care of.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Head towards the factory unit on the outskirts of town. You're going to disturb their operation
  • They're expecting visitors now! Get into the factory quickly
  • Destroy every one of those injection molding machines now
  • Great work, the job's done! Get back to Woozie's casino in one piece


The rewards for this mission are $10,000 and an increase in respect. The mission Don Peyote is unlocked. The Desert Eagle and the Combat Shotgun become available at Ammu-Nation.


Wu Zi Mu and Carl Johnson are playing blackjack in Woozie's office in The Four Dragons Casino. Woozie has four cards on his deck.
Woozie: Hit me.
CJ: Are you sure, man?
Woozie: Yeah, I'm going for a five-card hand! Come on.
CJ: Okay, here.
CJ adds an extra card to Woozie's deck.
CJ: I'm gonna stick. What you got?
Woozie: How would I know? You tell me.
CJ: Not good, man. You got, uh, forty-seven.
Woozie: Damn. You're bad luck for me. You know, when I play the other guys, I always win!
Guppy enters the office with two casino chips, putting them on Woozie's table.
Guppy: Boss, take a look at these two chips.
Woozie: One's a fake.
CJ: That's amazing, you didn't even touch them!
Woozie: No, I just took a guess. Why else would he come in with two chips and sound so worried? You take a look.
CJ: Oh, yeah, the dragon on this one got sunglasses and a white stick.
Woozie: Insolent bastards!
Woozie angrily slams his table.
Guppy: I'll make sure the cashiers are extra vigilant.
Woozie: It's obvious where these fake chips are coming from - the Sindacco Family owns a plastics factory across town. I'm gonna blow it to shit!
Woozie slams his table again.
CJ: Man, look, don't trip. I got you on this.
CJ leaves the office and heads to the Sindacco Counterfeit Chips Factory in Whitewood Estates. He enters the factory and gets spotted by Sindacco gang members.
Sindacco Member: Hey, who's this prick? Somebody take care of this joker!
CJ kills the Sindacco members getting in his way and destroys the chip-making machines, then makes his way back to the Four Dragons Casino. Guppy leaves the garage in a Washington.
Guppy: Hey, Carl, how'd it go?
CJ: Tell Woozie we'll be getting no more trouble with them counterfeit chips.

Video Walkthroughs


  • A glitch may occur at the last cutscene, when Guppy drives out from the garage the door won't open fully and the vehicle will stuck. Then the vehicle will backup followed by the close of the garage door and sounds of cars hitting walls, and Carl will be talking to the air.
  • Another glitch occurs after the opening cutscene. If you bring a Rhino Tank to the mission and use the Trip Skip option, you will spawn high in the air and fall trawling rapidly. Your Rhino will eventually land in the desert, flip, and explode.


  • This is the only mission where an NPC can be seen using the Combat Shotgun.[citation/verification needed]

$ 57.jpg

  • The factory cannot be accessed out of the mission due to the garage door being closed, though it is still possible using the Blue Hell glitch. However, this is not recommended since there won't be any way out, forcing the player to kill himself.
  • The Four Dragons Casino chip or the fake chip can be found in the June and July 2005 issue of Official Xbox Magazine used to win a 10-of-a-kind GTA BMX in a contest to celebrate the release of the Xbox version.
  • There is a notable pause in the line "Tell Woozie, we'll be getting no more trouble with them counterfeit chips" between "them" and "counterfeit chips." The subtitles also include a period after "them," and "counterfeit chips" is subtitled alone instead of within the phrase. These suggest the line was cut together from different takes or that sections of it were added later.
  • The arriving enemies spawn depending on how many molding machines are destroyed. The mafioso with the Combat shotgun spawns after the third machine is destroyed, for example.
    • This mechanic can be exploited by destroying 2 machines at once, which will prevent several enemies from spawning. Destroying all at once with Satchel Charges will remove almost all reinforcements.