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Not to be confused with Youga, a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V.


San Andreas practically invented yoga. It certainly invented the time honored tradition of the relaxing coffee enema. Whether it’s the Downward Dog pose or the more advanced Dropping Fire Log, there are many fulfilling and compromising positions you can contort yourself into with the help of an expert like Master Private Yoga Instructor, Fabien LaRouche.

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Yoga is an activity in Grand Theft Auto V.


Placing your head flat in your crotch really unblocks your chakras and inspires ideas for creative ways to enjoy your alone time. Unwind at the end of a hard day by winding your spine into a knot.

— GTA V Manual

Yoga is unlocked after the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?". Only Michael De Santa can perform yoga, and he can perform it either at his house or at the peak of Mount Gordo. Caution must be exercised when going to the Mount Gordo site as its remote location leaves Michael susceptible to cougar attacks. He will not be attacked while exercising, but can be attacked upon coming out of the cutscene if a cat happens to be nearby; the presence of cougars makes it inadvisable to journey to the yoga site on foot.

To complete a yoga session, the player must perform a series of QTE (quick-time events) that require moving the controls in different positions and then holding the LMB and RMB buttons (RT and LT for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, R2 and L2 on PS3 and PS4) for a couple of seconds. Each yoga position requires a different set of QTE to complete that position. If the player takes too long to move into the required position or releases the two buttons before the right time, Michael will lose his balance and the player will have to start the position again from the beginning.





The first position, only requires a set of three QTE.



The second position, requires a set of four QTE.

Praise the Sun


The third and last position, requires a set of seven QTE.


Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.

— Amanda's yoga outfit.



GTA V - Yoga


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  • No matter what clothing Michael is wearing when beginning a yoga session, he will always be wearing a faded blue polo shirt and white shorts during yoga.
  • Michael keeps the music to the yoga activity on his iFruit phone, as he puts it in a speaker before each session.
  • Coincidentally, Ned Luke, the actor who portrays Michael in the game, is married to a yoga instructor.

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