The Yellow Jack Inn is a bar in Grand Theft Auto V.


The bar is located between Panorama Drive and Route 68 in Sandy ShoresBlaine County. It is a very simple and small bar, with a rustic appearence that offers the darts minigame for the player, making it also a hang out destination. It also serves drinks and has a Pool table, despite neither of these features being available to the player to use. There is many pictures of vehicles on the walls inside, including a picture of a Towtruck from The Lost and Damned located on the left side of the entrance on the other side hung up. There's even a snake inside a glass box next to the pool table, which looks like the one in the back of the dressing room in the Vanilla Unicorn.

The bar is owned and operated by Janet, who has barred Trevor at least once before, for disorderly behavior.


Prominent Appearances in Missions



  • The bar was seen in the second GTA V trailer and the My Blaine County commercial.
  • There are bloody footprints around the pool table, possibly a hint of the Infinity Murders.
  • Despite there being a sign outside reading "no dogs allowed", Franklin can still bring Chop in without any trouble.
  • Although Trevor was barred by Janet the landlady, he can still enter the premises as often as he pleases.
  • "Jack inn" may be a reference to rockstar's adult humor as it sounds like "Jacking" which is slang for masturbation.
  • Despite including a bar, the only hang-out activity available here is darts.
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