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The Yakuza are a Japanese crime syndicate that appears in Grand Theft Auto 2. They are led by Johnny Zoo and their territory is located in the Downtown District. Claude Speed has the option to work for Zoo and the Yakuza during his stay in the Downtown District.

Events of GTA 2

The Yakuza are involved in a violent war against The Zaibatsu Corporation and the Loonies. Zoo employs Claude Speed to move Doctor ZitZaki, who is being targeted by The Zaibatsu Corporation. He then has Claude to work as a getaway driver for Hiroshi, who commits a bank robbery, and then has him attack the Loonies. The Loonies then attack Gama Rei, with Claude rescuing him with a Medicar. Zoo then notices that the Yakuza has a snitch, who is followed by Claude to his base. As a result, Claude is instructed to collect torturer Refried Noodle and bring him to the snitch, whom they successfully kill. Zoo then has Claude steal a SWAT Van and then destroy a Tank. Claude then begins to work for The Zaibatsu Corporation and the Loonies, working against them, and at one point has to escape from pursuing Yakuza members. Zoo, angry at Claude, begins to chase Claude in an attempt to kill him (at the same time as Zaibatsu leader Trey Welsh and Loonies leader Elmo), although all of them end up killed by Speed.

Other members include Hana Funabashi, Johnny Zoo's girlfriend, Danny Zoo, the brother of Johnny, Yonsi Zoo San, an elderly man barely kept alive on Zaibatsu drugs, who is likely Johnny's and Danny's father and business man Tetsuo, who owns the Hochi-ban Bar. Their favorite radio station is Funami FM and they drive Miara sports cars.



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