Wu Zi Mu is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Cesar Vialpando from an area just south of the town of Montgomery in Red County, San Andreas.


Carl is waiting for Cesar in the meeting place, who is apparently late for a race. Later on, Cesar arrives, who explains that he is late because didn't know when the race would start. Later, the organizer of the race, Wu Zi Mu, arrives. He introduces himself to Carl, who introduces himself to Woozie. He tells Carl that the races here a high stakes, and they may reward the winner with cash or a pink slip. Later on, Carl hops on to his vehicle of choice, and goes to the starting point.

Then, the race begins, with Carl and Woozie participating. They race through different parts of Red County, like in Blueberry and in Blueberry Acres. Then, Carl manages to get to the finish line in The Panopticon first, with Woozie congratulating him later.


Carl Johnson: Man, where is this guy? Hey, I've been waiting forever, man. Where the hell you been?

Cesar Vialpando: Sorry, holmes, I had no idea when the race would be.

Carl Johnson: Riiight - you just happened to show up five minutes after everybody else, huh?

Cesar Vialpando: When the gasoline runs through your veins like the burning passion, you know when it's time to race!

Carl Johnson: I think you're getting high on that country air, man!

(Wu Zi Mu arrives)

Cesar Vialpando: Hey, CJ, look...

Wu Zi Mu: You haven't been to one of our meets before, where you from friend?

Carl Johnson: I'm from Grove Street Families, Los Santos. What's happening?

Wu Zi Mu: Relax. This isn't a parade, pal. But, you know, we gotta be careful. Wu Zi Mu, but my friend call me 'Woozie'. How you doing?

Carl Johnson: Wha..? CJ. Carl Johnson.

Wu Zi Mu: Listen, out here we like to race for cash or pink slips - racer's choice. Get your car started, we're about to go. Good luck, Carl Johnson.

(Woozie leaves)

Carl Johnson: There's something real strange about that dude, man.

Cesar Vialpando: Be careful, CJ!

Carl Johnson: For sure, man.

(After the race)

Carl Johnson: Oooh, yeah!

Wu Zi Mu: You drive with style, Carl Johnson - and I never mind losing to a guy who's willing to push himself right to the edge. As for me, I'm a man who honors his bet.

Carl Johnson: Well, you learn pretty fast with the police on your ass!

Wu Zi Mu: Listen, it's best if we clear the hell out of here as soon as possible because, for some reason, the local police don't appreciate our noble sport.

Carl Johnson: Yeah. Thanks for the advice.

Wu Zi Mu: OK, I gotta go. Uh, you know what? If you ever find yourself in San Fierro, give me a call, maybe we can do a little business together.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I might just do that.

(Police siren sounds)

Wu Zi Mu: Well, I guess that's our wake up call. Nice meeting you.


There is no reward for this mission, but the mission Farewell, My Love... is unlocked.

In addition, once the race tournaments are unlocked, the race featured in this mission is offered as part of the tournament, however as Carl has already completed it here, he receives credit for it and does not need to do it again (except to improve his time).


  • Claude, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III, can be seen in the background of the opening cutscene. Although two other protagonists have been seen in past games (Victor Vance in the Introduction and Toni Cipriani in his missions for Claude) they were not introduced as protagonists, making this the first mission to feature another known protagonist.
  • The race may be repeated in the Los Santos Race Tournaments, accessed in Little Mexico, Los Santos. It is named as "Badlands A".
  • No matter which vehicle the player chooses at the beginning of the mission, at the end mission cutscene, Carl is seen with a ZR-350.
  • Woozie in this mission is driving a pink Bulletproof Fortune, however at the end mission cutscene he is seen with a Bravura
  • A good vehicle for this mission is the Buffalo, due to it having sports car speed and handling and good off-road traction. You can find one at Catalina's lodge. It does, however, have the tendency to roll with the slightest provocation, making its use on this side-road race a challenge.

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