Dick Goblin's World of Coq is a restaurant chain in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, prominently featured as a place for players to take girlfriends on dining dates.


World of Coq is an upper-class eatery primarily found in richer segments of San Andreas' three major cities. The chain's lavish atmosphere is perfect for girlfriends with more "upscale" tastes (Millie Perkins and Helena Wankstein are the only two girlfriends who like going to the restaurants). The restaurants, whose exteriors are unlabeled, are inaccessible to the player unless on a date, and interior views are only granted during the date's cutscene. Unlike the fast food chains throughout San Andreas, the player is not granted the option of choosing from a menu while dining at World of Coq.

While inaccessible to the player in normal gameplay, its interior can be reached via the Hidden Interiors Universe. The interior consists of a medium sized room with chairs, pottery, an outdoor dining area, and ambient music playing in the background. Strangely, the interior is quite large and detailed, yet only a small part of it can be seen during the dating cutscenes, implying that the restaurant was originally intended to have a larger role in the game during development.


There is a total of three World of Coq outlets throughout San Andreas, each located in the state's three cities:


  • "Coq", in French, translates literally to "cock", another name for rooster. However, the restaurant's delivery Rumpo saying "Dick Goblin's World of Coq" and the overall numerous sexual-themed jokes in the GTA series, it also suggests "cock" as in the vulgar term for "penis". 'Dick Goblin' is also another pun by Rockstar, which sounds like "dick gobbling", i.e. oral sex. 
  • Some random pedestrian dialogue including that World of Coq has the best toilet rolls and "Better than World of Coq!'
  • If the player manages to enter the interior of World of Coq, an unspecified music can be heard while inside the interior. The music can also be heard in the interior of The Welcome Pump.

See Also

  • Coq O Vin, a similarly named cooking show on Liberty City Free Radio in GTA Liberty City Stories. The show is hosted by Richard Goblin, who apparently owns World of Coq, as it says 'Dick Goblin's World of Coq' on the Rumpo parked outside of the Las Venturas branch. The radio host also calls himself 'Dick' once during the show, as 'Dick' is a nickname for 'Richard'.