A poster for the World Lightweight Championship, seen in B Dup's apartment.

The World Lightweight Championship is a boxing event in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It featured American Frank Gold against Irish Fraser Ashley, and was broadcast on FCX on May 10, 1986 from 6:30-9:30 (unknown whether in the morning or at night). A poster appears in B Dup's apartment in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas. It is not known who won the championship.


  • The poster did not specify what year the event took place. It only stated that it took place "Saturday, May 10". In 1992, the setting of GTA: San Andreas, May 10 fell on a Sunday. The closest year that May 10 fell on a Saturday was 1986, the year Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was set in. However, no posters for the event were seen in Vice City.
    • Either this was a developer oversight, or the poster seen is old memorabilia.
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