"A South Korean electronics company whose entire business model is based around creating substandard copies of Fruit's products and releasing them to market a few months later at half the price." description.

Wiwang (위왕) (BAWSAQ: WIW), stylized as "WIWANG", is an electronics company featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Players can buy stocks of the company at the website.


Wiwang's slogan, as seen in the main office of the company in Little Seoul, Los Santos, is: "Think small, think hard". It is most likely based on Samsung and LG Electronics, since these companies are located in South Korea.


Wiwang manufactures two-way radios for taxis and emergency vehicles, as well as audio head units for various types of vehicles. Wiwang also manufactures large air conditioning units, which can be found on many roofs including the LSIA terminal building. The Wiwang AC units come in two variants, large and extra large, both of which explode if shot at with rockets. Wiwang manufactured printers can also be found in player-owned offices in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Wiwang is also a manufacturer of printer inks and cartridges as seen in Grand Theft Auto V.



  • Both the company name and slogan are referring to a "wee wang", or small penis. The alternative logo resembles one.
  • The description of Wiwang copying Fruit's products is a reference to Samsung being accused of copying Apple's products.
  • The model name of the Wiwang 69 Express dryer is written in Bauhaus 93, the same font used for Binco's 3D Universe logo.
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