The With a Paddle White Water Activity Center is an outdoor activity center in Grand Theft Auto V that offers river adventures and various other activities.


The center is located on Tongva Drive in Tongva Valley, Los Santos County right next to a stream which eventually feeds into the Zancudo River. Right behind the building is a small dock, which allows for access to the parked Seasharks to ride north downstream. A waterfall to the south is high enough to prevent watercraft from heading upstream. A rack of non-interactive orange plastic kayaks and several orange and blue inflatable tubes are located here. The tubes can be pushed into the water where they will float downstream but the player cannot ride them. There are parking spaces immediately outside the front of the building as well as an unmarked parking lot to the south where a pre-modified Surfer may appear before driving south (in the Enhanced version only).

Pedestrians can often be seen around the building and on the dock during daylight hours, some even wearing lifejackets, but they do not use the equipment.

The building itself cannot be entered and plays no role in the story.

The business name is derived from the idiom "being up Shit Creek without a paddle". Signage to the north actually states "Head Up The Creek" whereas the signage to the south accurately states "Head Downstream".


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