Windmill Street is a station on the Liberty City Subway system. It is located at the intersection of Guantanamo Avenue and Windmill Street along the border of the Chase Point and Industrial neighborhoods in southern Bohan, Liberty City. Bohan Line trains stop at the station. The station is the last stop on the E/B Bohan Line; in Algonquin, the line is known as the Algonquin Inner Line.

The Bohan Safehouse its only a few streets of the station, as S&M Auto Sales (following south Guantanamo Avenue).



  • This station is referred to as Guantanamo Avenue Station, where the exits are, by Mikhail Faustin during the mission Final Destination.
  • The staircases' barriers are glitchy, and if the player knocks pedestrians into them through combat or pushing, they will clip into the barriers violently.


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