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William "Willie" McTavish is the bassist for the Scottish hair metal band Love Fist. Just like fellow Love Fist band members Dick and Percy, his name is a sex joke from Rockstar as it is a slang term for a penis. Willy is the only member of Love Fist that doesn't wear black gloves. According to Jezz Torrent, Willie wears women's underwear. During Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Willy did not make a physical appearance, although he was present in the mission Publicity Tour and can be heard speaking.

By 1992 either he or Percy had left the band, as seen in the billboard for their album "Clear the Custard" in Los Santos, San Andreas.

Willy (Willie in credits) appears physically (outside of cutscenes) for the first time in Grand Theft Auto V, in a side mission where Trevor Philips must knock out his gold tooth and bring it to a man named Nigel as a souvenir. While listening to Willy's dialogue with the fan, it appears that he is still touring with Love Fist. Willy is also killable in this mission, and if Trevor does so, he will say "oops, sorry Love Fist fans". Regardless of the player's choice, Willy will still talk about his tooth being stolen on Bleeter afterwards. In GTA Vice City Willy was voiced by Mark Hanlon. In GTA V, he was voiced by Craig Connor.

Mission appearances

Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto V
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