Willie's Supermarket is a supermarket located on Paleto Boulevard in Paleto BayBlaine County.


The business has a wide variety of products such as pharmacy products and firearms. The store boasts a twenty-two-space parking lot, with a rectangular grass island. Four wooden benches line the front of the building and various advertisements are pinned up on the windows. Although unenterable, cardboard boxes of Sprunk and numerous aisles can be seen inside.

A soapboxer, Bill Binder can be found at the front of the building.  



  • The title in one of the i's is missing a bulb and one of the r's in 'Supermarket' is not present. Thus, the sign's actual string of letters, excluding the burnt out and missing ones, is 'Will e's Supe market'.
  • The ability to purchase firearms is probably a reference to the American supermarket chain Meijer, which has a grocery and a sporting goods section.
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