For the voice actor of the same name, see Wilhelm Lewis.

"I'm gonna buy the fuck out of this city."
— Wilhelm

Wilhelm is a random character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

First Encounter

Wilhelm can be found near Steinway Beer Garden in Steinway. Wilhelm coments how people all over the city are selling their houses because of the economy and how thanks to this, he is buying houses at a very low price. He asks Huang to take him to an auction in City Hall, he promises to pay big to Huang in return. Wilhelm is late so the player needs to go fast. Just drive Wilhelm to his destination in less then 5 minutes to complete the mission.

Second Encounter

Wilhelm will be in front of his house in Meadow Hills this time. He wants Huang to take him to an auction in City Hall again, he will pay even more in return than before. Again, just take him to his destination in less than 5 minutes.

Third Encounter

Wilhelm can be found on Dukes Bay Bridge, north of Dukes. He explains that the banks have foreclosed on all his purchased property, making him lose everything. The only thing he had left was his house, but he lost the keys. Huang says that there is more things in life than just making money, but Wilhelm says that he must be new to the city. Wilhelm commits suicide by jumping into the river. Lee, however, finds his keys on the pavement and takes his house as his own.


  • When Wilhelm jumps from the bridge, a Wilhelm Scream is heard as he falls, which may be a reference to his own name.
  • Huang cannot get to Wilhelm's point without using action-replay codes.
  • He is one of the few characters to die by committing suicide. The others being Keith Ham Yel Tun, Hans Nemesis, Toshiko Kasen and Margot.


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