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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto V that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

Wild Amateur Pics - but not like you're thinking...

Wildlife Photography Challenge is an exclusive side mission for Franklin in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V for players returning from the PS3 or Xbox 360 edition. Completing it rewards the player with the Kraken submersible.


After completing the first Strangers and Freaks mission for Beverly, you will receive a text message saying he's signed you up for the Wildlife Photography Challenge. At the same time, an email from the LS Tourist Board will arrive, giving you details. The animals must be photographed up close using Snapmatic on the phone, and must be centered in the frame, with no obstructions. Once photographed correctly, a prompt will appear to email the photo to the LS Tourism Board, whose contact info appears in Franklin's phone. If the animal being photographed is fleeing, stunning it with the Stun Gun can prove useful, though smaller animals like hens may be killed instantly.


There are a total of 20 animals to photograph. Players can track their progress under the General section of the Stats menu, where it is listed under "Wildlife photographs".

Email message

You've been nominated to take part in Southern San Andreas' premier amateur photography competition in the wildlife sector. You'll join hundreds of other young, talented hopefuls in getting heat stroke, poison ivy poisoning and, most importantly, giving your work away for free. For the first young photographer to document the whole array of Southern San Andreas' fauna - a life of underwater adventure and photography awaits.

Submissions are subject to the following rules:

  • Only photograph submissions of living animals will be accepted
  • Animals must be centered in the photograph.
  • Photographs captured using camera filters or borders will not be eligible for submission
  • Selfies are NOT eligible for submission
  • All image rights are transferred to Tourist Board
List of animals to photograph
Animal Location(s) Example photo
Boar A Boar will always run out of a tree on the dirt track and cul-de-sac of the Sonar Collections Dock

Boar at the Sonar Collections Dock road.

Border Collie Found in Paleto Bay near the beach near Beeker's Garage and residences in Harmony

Border Collie in Harmony.

Cat Most alleyways in Los Santos

Cat in an alleyway, Pillbox Hill.

Chicken-Hawk Found in Blaine County and flying overhead at Martin Madrazo's Lock-up.

Chicken Hawk, Senora National Park.

Great Cormorant Flying overhead south of Martin Madrazo's Lock-up.

Cormorant at Martin Madrazo's Lock-up.

Cow Found around the farms surrounding the town of Grapeseed and Grapeseed Cow Farm

Cow, O'Neil Ranch.

Coyote Found in desert regions such as Sandy Shores

Coyote in Senora National Park

Crow Found flying throughout San Andreas

Crow, Tataviam Mountains.

Deer Found in the forested areas of Blaine County, particularly the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and Paleto Forest

Deer, Tataviam Mountains.

Hen Found in a pen at the east side of the Ammu-Nation in Sandy Shores and at the Grapeseed Cow Farm

Hen, Frankie's Service Center.

Husky A park on North Sheldon Avenue in Vinewood Hills.

Husky, Vinewood Hills Dog Exercise Park.

Mountain Lion Found in forested areas throughout San Andreas. One will always spawn near the Yoga mat at the top of Mount Gordo

Mountain Lion on Mount Chiliad

Pig Found around farms and countryside houses in Blaine County and at Grapeseed Cow Farm

Pig, O'Neil Ranch.

Poodle Found on Del Perro Beach and Vinewood Boulevard.

Poodle on Vinewood Boulevard.

Pug Rockford Hills sign, Mirror Park

Pug at Mirror Park.

Rabbit Found in any rural area of San Andreas

Rabbit, Braddock Farm.

Retriever In Paleto Bay or on Del Perro Beach and a park on North Sheldon Avenue in Vinewood Hills or just north of the Davis Sheriff's Station. Alternatively, simply take a picture of the Ghost Dog.

Retriever in Davis.

Rottweiler Simply take a picture of Chop.


Seagull Found flying in the air at coastline areas such as Vespucci Beach

Seagulls at the Sonar Collections Dock.

West Highland Terrier Mirror Park, near the small lake. 

West Highland Terrier in the Vinewood Hills.

Make your own chum, fill your glands with mountain lion pheromones, rub yourself in honey, and jack off in a bear pit. Do whatever it takes to get the shot of your life. And try not to get eaten, unless you've uploaded first. We can't wait to see (and steal) all your submissions.

Good Luck

LS Tourist Info


Once all the animals have been photographed, Franklin will receive a text message from the Los Santos Tourism Board, saying that he has won the competition.

Hello Franklin,
The Southern San Andreas Tourist Board Young Amateur Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is over.
Some of our photographers fell off cliffs.
A few got eaten by mountain lions.
A couple overdosed on peyote.
But only one of them sent us photos of all the animals on our list and signed over the image rights without question. That young photographer was you. Congratulations!
You have won a new limited edition Kraken Submersible.
It's waiting at the jetty in the San Chianski Mountain Range.
It is clear to us here at the Tourist Board that you possess a rare gift for capturing the living essence of animals in your photographic work, and an endearing lack of commercial aspiration. Since you've traversed the landmass of Southern San Andreas in your search for images for our calendars, stamps, an mouse mats, we'd love you to continue your adventures in the seas. And we mean it when we say we can't wait to find new ways to take advantage of your talents in the future.
Everyone in the Southern San Andreas and Los Santos Tourist Board family.
— LS Tourist Info email

The Kraken Sub will now spawn at the Cape Catfish pier in the San Chianski Mountain Range, and can also be purchased and driven at a dock should the player owns one. A cheat that is able to spawn it is also available.


Video Walkthrough


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