Wetterer's wanted poster in GTA IV.

Wilbert Wetterer is a criminal in Grand Theft Auto IV, wanted by the LCPD for Grand Theft Auto. He doesn't appear at any point during the game, however, his poster can be seen at the Alderney State Correctional Facility and in Francis McReary's office. His description and other data is shared with Rod Hardman and Helmut Swartzkopf. His appearance is identical to Frederick Harrison.

Wilbert was supposed to appear as a Most Wanted criminal, however, he appears to have been replaced by Frederick Harrison. His name is mentioned in the script.img, but he shares the same ID with Harrison, and some files call Harrison "wilbert". However, there is an unused mugshot depicting him with a different appearance, shared by members of the Irish Mob and Rodney McEniry.

Wetterer's mugshot.

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