Whiz Cellphone is a Mobile Phone in the HD Universe. It is manufactured by Whiz.


It is a medium performance phone. It is inspired by the Sony Ericsson W302[citation/verification needed] and some other models. Its design is identical to the Badger Cellphone.

GENERAL: No wi-fi/network connection.
STORAGE: Able to store ringtones, images, themes, messages and contacts.
SOUND: Vibrations, Ringtones.
DISPLAY: Multi-color.


  • Niko Bellic is given one by Playboy X in the mission Photo Shoot, and keeps the phone afterwards.
  • Johnny Klebitz owns a Whiz Cellphone in a leather case, probably as protection due to his biker lifestyle. Its design is also slightly different to Niko's, with a different keypad design.
  • Packie McReary owns multiple Whiz Cellphones and uses them to make Car bombs.


Phone Pictures


  • The Car bomb model has a busted Whiz Cellphone on it with the case removed and some circuitry above the keypad, meaning those are the phones used as detonators in them.


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