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The White Stallionz is a homosexual white-supremacist outlaw motorcycle club featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Located primarily out of the White Stallionz Bar in Little Haiti, the White Stallionz aren't a major gang like Mitch Baker's biker gang, and they never appear in the game outside of the mission The Bum Deal. Their only turf is their bar, the White Stallionz Bar.

Their appearance displays the stereotypical leather gay attire, both models are wearing a black vest and tight chaps, while one of them is wearing a white t-shirt with the gang's symbol (two lightning bolts surrounding a female gender symbol that has the circle replaced with a white-power fist, implying that they are supposedly Neo-Nazis), black leather cap, tattoos on his arms and thick moustache, the other model is wearing his head shaved, sporting sunglasses, a goatee and no t-shirt beneath the vest. They don't share any similarities in design with the Vice City Bikers.

Their vehicles are the Freeway and WinterGreen, which are strangely much more faster in comparison to civilian versions, and they use Baseball Bats, Knives and Pistols as their weapons.


Events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Victor and Lance Vance stumble onto this gang when Bryan Forbes, an undercover DEA Agent, claims a member of the Stallionz has information about a large shipment of cocaine coming into Vice City.

Apparently, Forbes was lying about the Stallionz' involvement, and the Vance brothers have to fight their way out of the bar when the White Stallionz threaten to rape them both. They are not seen again after this, and possibly disbanded between 1984 and 1986.


  • Even though the White Stallionz are supposedly Neo-Nazis (due to their gang symbol), they are homosexual. This is ironic because during the time Adolf Hitler ruled Germany, homosexuals were considered undesirable, and were persecuted. In addition, white-supremacists generally opposes homosexuality.
  • The bald member with the goatee and glasses appears to have a Nazi Reichsadler tattooed on his left bicep. It can be clearly seen in the cutscene of The Bum Deal when Vic and Lance first walk into the bar (specifically, when Vic says "Something's not right about this place...")
  • The gang was possibly founded in 1969 - this date can be seen on their banner both in the White Stallionz Bar and Stonewall J's shop with the slogan "Stand Proud Together." Although this can be another "69" reference.
  • The gang name refer to Wyld Stallyns, a fictional band in Bill & Ted film series.

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