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You're always telling me what to do. But if it wasn't for me we wouldn't have any of this. If I wanna take coke, I will. If I wanna give it away, I will... And I'm gonna give it away! All of it!
Lance Vance

White Lies is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to Victor Vance by his brother Lance Vance from his apartment in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


Victor drops by Lance's apartment. Lance asks what he's doing there and after a while Louise, Victor's girlfriend, appears from the kitchen who says that she and Lance got high together which angers Victor and after a long going argument, Lance runs outside to a chopper and threatens to give away all of his coke around the city. Victor then follows his chopper which drops a package spread all around Ocean Beach, in a hovercraft and collects as many packages as he can, completing the mission.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the hovercraft.
  • Follow Lance's helicopter.
  • Collect the packages!

Post-Mission Pager Message

Jerry Martinez: Hey, Vic. I'm back in town. How's that lady of yours?
Think I might pay her a visit...


The reward for completing this mission is $1,500 and the unlock of mission Where it Hurts Most as well as Bovver '64 being available for purchase at The Clymenus Suite safehouse.

Video Walkthrough


  • The song that Lance dances to in the beginning cutscene is "Don't Go" by Yazoo. This song is also featured on the radio station Wave 103.
  • In the PSP version of the game, the hovercraft may fail to accelerate. In order to be able to continue with the mission, the hovercraft should be reversed into the water, after which it will be able to accelerate.