The Westminster Police Station is a station of the Liberty City Police Department featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The station is located on Kunzite Street, between Frankfort and Galveston Avenues in Westminster, Algonquin.

Two police vehicles usually spawn in front of the building, as well as one behind it, up a small alleyway.

The Westminster Police Station is inaccessible to the player, but the interior can be seen in the cutscenes of two missions.

Deputy LCPD Commissioner Francis McReary works in this station.

Events of GTA IV

In 2008, the Westminster Police Station is used as a meeting place for Deputy Commissioner Francis McReary and Niko Bellic. First, McReary gives Bellic the order to apply for a job at the lawfirm Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster in order to get close to and kill lawyer Tom Goldberg.

Later, he orders Bellic to find drugdealer Clarence Little in the East Holland projects and kill him. Little may or may not be spared, depending on the player's choice.


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