The Westminster Fire Station, also named Engine 47, is a fire house of the Fire Department of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Westminster, Algonquin.


Located in Westminster, the fire house is a small, narrow structure near the 60 Diner on Frankfort Avenue, near the corner of Kunzite Street. Unlike other stations, the Westminster Fire Station isn't marked on the official GTA IV map or its printed version, and also doesn't serve as a spawn point for the Fire Truck. Despite this, a single firefighter can be seen stood outside the station. The building also doesn't have any FDLC markings on it, but does feature a large US flag.

The fire station also appears in GTA Chinatown Wars, with an almost identical design. The US flag pole has been removed and fire fighters do not spawn outside the building. The roadway into the building is also absent.

The fire station is a direct copy of the real-life FDNY Engine 47 in Manhattan, New York City. So much in fact that the station's facade textures are of the real station, baring the same "ENGINE 47" markings.



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