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The Westdyke Memorial Hospital is a medical facility in Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes From Liberty City. Despite being named for Westdyke, the hospital is actually located on Long John Avenue in Leftwood, Alderney.


Like other hospitals in the game, the Westdyke Memorial Hospital serves as a respawn point to the player if they are killed the nearest to the hospital. The hospital shares its interior with the Schottler Medical Center. Like the Schottler Medical Center, the hospital's interior is an ideal location to attempt the One Man Army achievement, due to the hospital having plenty of cover and regular health pickups.

Mission Appearances

The hospital is featured in Grand Theft Auto IV during the mission Flatline, where Niko is required to sneak into the hospital and disable a heavily-guarded target's life support machine, on the orders of Jimmy Pegorino. Niko must dress in hospital garb and disguise as a doctor in order to gain access.

The hospital is briefly featured in the introduction and first mission of The Lost and Damned expansion pack. During the Introduction, the members of the Lost Motorcycle Club ride to the hospital to collect their leader, Billy Grey, who has recently completed rehab. The mission begins with the gang riding away from the hospital to their clubhouse.


During Stevie's Car Thefts, a unique colored Cavalcade can be found over the road in a driveway of a large house, next to a children's play area.

The Lost and Damned

Deaths in the hospital