"The hipsters in Mirror Park and West Vinewood get very defensive about the stereotype that Vinewood is nothing but a bunch of desperate fakers trying to break into the entertainment industry (but that's because they're desperate fakers trying to break into the entertainment industry.)"
―GTA V Manual

West Vinewood is a middle to upper class neighbourhood in Los Santos, San Andreas, featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is bordered by Rockford Hills to the west, Burton to the south, Vinewood Hills to the north and Downtown Vinewood to the east.



Prostitutes waiting outside the Hornbills in West Vinewood.

West Vinewood is the central hub for young adults in Los Santos due to the large variety of nightclubs and bars located in the region. Partying youths can be seen outside these clubs until the early hours of the morning. There is almost no gang presence and a relatively low crime rate, except for the widespread availability of prostitutes.

Events of GTA V

Franklin Clinton first meets Beverly Felton hiding in some bushes outside an apartment block in West Vinewood during the mission Paparazzo. Franklin then agrees to give chase to the actress Miranda Cowan in her limousine through West Vinewood in order to allow Beverly to take some photos for media outlets.

Franklin also starts the Paparazzo - The Partnership mission in West Vinewood when he finds Beverly hiding in a dumpster.

The side-mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie takes place in West Vinewood; where Trevor Philips must collect a gold tooth from Willy while he is hanging about at the Tequi-la-la nightclub.


The neighborhood is based on and named after West Hollywood.

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There is no Los Santos Transit trains running through West Vinewood, with the nearest station being in Rockford Hills. Regular bus services can be seen operating throughout the neighborhood.

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