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*[[Los Santos Mosque]]
*[[The Mighty Bush]]
*[[The Mighty Bush]]
*[[The Richman Hotel]]
*[[The Richman Hotel]]

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Eclipse Blvd

West Eclipse Boulevard in Rockford Hills.

West Eclipse Boulevard is a major street located in northern Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.

It is connected to the Del Perro Freeway and Great Ocean Highway. From west to east, it starts at the Great Ocean Highway and runs until it reaches South Mo Milton Drive, where it becomes Eclipse Boulevard. It passes through streets such as Bay City Ave, North and South Rockford Drive, Mad Wayne Thunder Drive and Dorset Drive.


It is one of the longest streets in Los Santos, and is at least 4 lanes wide throughout its entire stretch, with a median divider. Michael's mansion is located at the corner of this street and Portola Drive.


It is based on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.


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