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You may hate us, but, I gotta tell ya, we hate ourselves more. And stop accusing us of being liberal! What a load of crap! This station is owned by Ammu-Nation! I mean, have you ever heard anyone complain about guns on this station? Hosts are getting shot by them all the time, but it just gets glossed over.

GTA San Andreas

Real Talk. Real Issues. Real Patronizing. Radio that’s all about you.

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West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR) is a talk radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online. It broadcasts from Missionary Hill, San Fierro in GTA San Andreas and from West Vinewood, Los Santos in GTA V and GTA Online.

In GTA San Andreas, WCTR is owned by Ammu-Nation.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V

This station can only be received in Los Santos County. If the player crosses the county line into Blaine County, the signal will be lost and the radio will automatically switch to Soulwax FM.


As the player progresses through the game's storyline, the segments played on WCTR will change. Thus, during one segment of the game, the player may only hear specific portions of programs not to be heard again as new segments are aired. This phenomenon is prominent with WCTR News, Entertaining America, and The Wild Traveler. Various intros, outros and comments delivered by Barbara Fox. Several characters from the main game make cameos in the radio programs and advertising.

Once the player progresses halfway through San FierroOG Loc is featured on Entertaining America until the player progresses through Las Venturas, where Cris Formage's interview replaces his. Big Smoke also appears as a person who is forced to serve community service and is spokesperson for the "little guy", and he himself speaks after the outro of one WCTR News broadcast.



Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V


WCTR (West Coast Talk Radio) (GTA V)


  • Gardening with Maurice was referenced for the first time in Grand Theft Auto III during the Chatterbox FM segment, when a caller talks about turnips and rooted vegetables and how Lazlow said "Okay, here's the deal - this isn't gardening with Maurice, that's on later!", but then the caller mentions he has been taken off the air.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, this station shares its frequency (95.6) with West Coast Classics. Because of this, it would be impossible for the two stations to be available at the same time.
  • Michele Makes claims WCTR broadcasts "to Los Santos and Blaine County", even though the station cannot be received in Blaine County.

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