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West Beach is a beach party area in Cayo Perico, Colombia, which appears as an infiltration point for The Cayo Perico Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Events of GTA Online

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West Beach is one of the main locations on Cayo Perico the GTA Online Protagonist visits, and is the starting point for efforts to scope for intel on the operations carried out on the island. It is also the location of a beach party, providing a distraction that the player can use to sneak past guards and through a gate to begin exploring the wider area.

Points of Interest

Sand Sculpture

The sand sculpture of the Loch Ness Monster, found behind the bar at the beach party.

Well now, what do we have here? Sand sculpture... but it looks familiar, no? I wonder if the people here have ever... No, it is not possible. Not this far south. Excuse me, kapitan. I was just thinking out aloud.

Pavel to the GTA Online Protagonist.

A sculpture of the Loch Ness Monster made of sand can be found behind the bar at the Cayo Perico Beach Party. The player can photograph the sculpture and send the picture to Pavel, who will comment on it. His comment foreshadows the creature's appearance in The Cayo Perico Heist finale.

IAA Buzzard

The IAA Buzzard.

You know who uses this type of helicopter? IAA. So, the rumors were true, after all...

— Pavel to the GTA Online Protagonist.

A wreck of an IAA Buzzard can be found on top of the cliff between West Beach and the Main Dock. The player can photograph the helicopter and send the picture to Pavel, who will comment on it. Its location can only be reached by using the parachute from the top of the Communications Tower or after leaving the compound during the heist finale.

Party Guest

The party guest. (Map location)

Well, well. A guest at the last party, perhaps. Just think, if we do not pull this off perfectly, we too will be found like this...

— Pavel to the GTA Online Protagonist.

On the same clifftop as the IAA Buzzard, a skeleton can be found on the rock promontory just north of West Beach. It is only visible from the clifftop above. Pavel suggests this was a previous beach party guest who didn't follow the rules. This is confirmed in overheard guard dialogue during the heist itself. [1]

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Cayo Perico Heist




  1. Guard 1: "I swear, man, it crashed right over there."
    Guard 2: "So what, he like, took the controls?"
    Guard 1: "Yeah, man. Out of his fucking mind."
    Guard 2: "The American?"
    Guard 1: "They're all American. The party guy, you know?"
    Guard 2: "Oh yeah, that asshole."
    Guard 2: "So what did you do?"
    Guard 1: "Me? Nothing. Camilo took him behind a rock."
    Guard 2: "What... at the party?"
    Guard 1: "Yeah."
    Guard 2: "Shit..."
    —Two guards overheard during the heist finale.