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Yo, will you go clean the toilets? Like, now?
— Wendy making Jimmy De Santa clean the Arcade's toilets

Wendy is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Diamond Casino Heist.


Not much is revealed about Wendy's background in dialogue. She is a young Caucasian female dressed distinctively in unique items not available to the player, including a green Degenatron tank-top, a rainbow-coloured beanie, pink heart-shaped glasses, and denim shorts with black leggings. She has dyed red hair with blonde tips, and pairs of identical tattoos on both wrists, upper arms and below the upper arms.

Events of GTA Online

The Diamond Casino Heist

Wendy manages the player's arcade and is found inside, usually working behind the bar. She will regularly text message the player about the arcade machines and repair bills. Jimmy De Santa, who is also employed at the arcade, can be heard asking the player about Wendy, heavily implying that he has a crush on her.

During the Getaway Vehicles heist prep, if the player damages the getaway vehicles too much upon delivering them to the Arcade, Wendy will send a text message informing that $2000 has been charged to restore the vehicles to their original condition.

When the player starts the Casino Heist finale for the first time, during the cutscene, Jimmy will jokingly remark that Lester has a girlfriend. This makes Lester angry, who tells Wendy to make him go clean toilets for the rest of the day, which she promptly does, to Jimmy's annoyance.

Mission Appearances