The Wellcar is a freight train railroad car appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. All wellcars are marked with a D-Rail logo on both sides.


Resembling an older TTX 53 foot well car in overall shape apart from being much shorter than its real life inspiration, the Wellcar is a freight railcar, stated to carry 20 ft shipping containers although the containers carried are usually 40 ft. There are two variants of the wellcar, one that is in use behind freight trains travelling around the state, and a longer version that is parked in railyards. They can be found either empty or with a container loaded onto it. In Mirror Park Railyard, containers can be found double-stacked and there are also shorter 20 ft containers in some cars. Containers in the longer wellcar sit much deeper than the shorter version.

They have a maximum gross weight capacity of 52,900 lbs (24 metric Tons) and run on 38 inch wheels.



  • Jumping onto a moving Wellcar is the easiest way to hop onto a train and ride it. If there is no container present, its sides also serve as good cover.
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