The Weazel Morningwood, also known simply as Weasel Theater, is a movie theater appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located at the intersection of Morningwood Boulevard and Cougar Avenue in Morningwood, Los Santos, across the street from the Tivoli Cinema, one of Michael's purchasable properties.

It is a large gothic-style building dominated by a tall spire at the front. Grotesques mark the corners of the roof of the taller part of the building that presumably houses the actual theater. There is a Bean Machine store occupying the southwest corner of the building.

During the events of the game, the film Bitch In The Trunk is being played in the theater, although the building is inaccessible to the player. The theater is operated by the Weazel broadcasting company just like the Weazel Dorset.

According to the Vinewood Star Tours, the Weazel Theater was opened in 1930 and some of the biggest Vinewood movies of all time have their premier here, some of then include: Blue Blood, The Shoulder of Orion II, The Many Wifes of Alfredo Smith, and Lions & Donkeys when star Chip Hampton attended the premier with two chained slaves. During the tour, the tour guide names the Weazel Theater but the camera focuses on the Tivoli Cinema instead.


It is based on the Fox Village Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles.



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