For the character in GTA San Andreas, see Little Weasel.
"The mouthpiece through which simultaneous moral outrage and cultural hedonism gets funneled into the living rooms of the American people."
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Weazel Television Network (BAWSAQ: WZL) is a fictional television network in both the 3D Universe and HD Universe. The player can buy stocks from them on the website in Grand Theft Auto V.


Originally referenced briefly during radio advertising as the broadcaster of various fictional television shows, Weazel is expanded in Grand Theft Auto IV into a complete television network, including Weazel News. Weazel is a parody of U.S. TV network Fox Broadcasting Company.

The station was originally spelled Weasel in GTA Liberty City Stories (the station's name does not appear in written form in GTA Vice City or GTA San Andreas), while the Weazel name was officiated in GTA IV. The station has its own building in Los Santos in GTA V.

Channel 15

Channel 15 is a television channel affiliated to Weazel. Not much is known about the channel, though it is known that Natalie Vanet is an undercover investigator working for the channel. Melanie Mallard also seems to be a TV reporter working for the Channel 15.

The channel cannot be viewed on any of the protagonists' television.


Slogan/Motto Start usage End usage Version
"Standing Up To The Liberal Agenda One Issue At A Time" 2008 2013 Grand Theft Auto IV
"Confirming Your Prejudices" 2013 Grand Theft Auto V


3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV


Weazel logo in GTA IV.




Grand Theft Auto V




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