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You know what, Carl?! You're a fucking idiot! Your whole life you've wanted somethin' for nothing. Now you've got something and you don't know what to do with it!

Kendl Johnson

Wear Flowers in Your Hair is the first mission in the San Fierro strand of missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Cesar Vialpando at the Doherty Garage in Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl, Cesar, Kendl and The Truth enter the garage in San Fierro. Carl is furious that Claude gave him a run down, old Xoomer station (the Doherty Garage) instead of a pink slip when he won the race. It clearly isn't a garage, but Kendl is determined to make it into a garage. It would take a lot of hard work, but she manages to persuade Carl and they decide to give it a try. She also says if Carl is going to make that place into a garage, he'll need a few workmen. The Truth knows of a few acquaintances who can help turn the garage into a successful chop shop and has Carl drive to specific locations in the city to meet them; eventually, the duo succeed in convincing Dwaine, Jethro, and Zero to join the venture.

After recruiting Jethro at Easter Basin, Truth asks Carl to make a few seemingly random stops to monitor the activities of some mysterious vans. One of the stops he asks Carl to make is directly in front of San Fierro Medical Center, where The Truth admonishes the other passengers to "think about a yellow rubber duck" as a van emerges from the hospital's car park. Without explanation, The Truth urges Carl on to the next stop. Next, he asks Carl to visit Dwaine at his hot dog van. Then, he asks Carl to go to the San Fierro Police Station to see the van again. Lastly, he asks Carl to pick up Zero at his shop and then the four of them return to the Doherty Garage together. Carl then introduces the new members of staff to Cesar, and Kendl suggests about the property business.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get inside the car
  • Drive to the gas station
  • Sound the horn
  • Drive to the hospital
  • Drive to the Hotdog Van
  • Sound the horn
  • Drive to the Police station
  • Drive to the RC shop
  • Sound the horn
  • Drive back to the Doherty Garage


  • There is a glitch in the PC version of the mission. As soon as the cutscene ends, Truth's face will appear very stretched and his eyes appear to be sticking out of his face, resulting in a rather humorous look. This strange glitch will continue until the end of the mission.
  • In some cases, a Tram will stop when reached the cutscene of the police department.


There is no reward for this mission, but the mission 555 We Tip is unlocked. Also, Zero calls the player and says that his landlord is selling his shop. If Carl buys it later (for $30,000), the mission Air Raid is unlocked after another phone call from Zero.


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  • The name of the mission (and the preceding mission) is a reference to the Scott McKenzie song San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
  • Oddly, in this mission, the game uses unused police and hospital radar blips that were removed from the game's map but are still in the game files. They are only used for this mission, but after that, they are no longer visible on the radar or the map.
  • If Zero is killed while sitting on the bench, he will drop a Detonator. This was intentional, as the game developers wanted it to look like he was holding a remote control for the RC Raider. Since no remote control model exists in the game, the only other device to closely resemble a remote control is a detonator.
  • The song playing in the ending cutscene is Check Yo Self by Ice Cube. It can also be heard on Radio Los Santos.
  • The Truth makes reference to Tommy Vercetti buying the Boatyard in GTA Vice City, telling CJ that Jethro and Dwaine sold their business to the mob in Vice.
  • This is the only mission required to complete the storyline where Zero appears.
  • There is a Kruton 9000 behind The Truth when he is meditating.
  • Zero is non-solid when he is sitting on the bench, and the player can walk into or through him.
  • When Zero is flying his RC helicopter outside, the player can lock on to it with a heat seeking launcher. However, it won't destroy it and will only start a fire below the RC helicopter.