The player can buy weapons through Terry Thorpe.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used in The Lost and Damned.


In The Lost and Damned, the first episode of Downloadable Content for Grand Theft Auto IV, six new weapons are introduced. While the existing weapons can be obtained from Terry's Gun Van, the Underground Gun Shops, and the various spawn points throughout Liberty City, the new weapons can only either be bought from Terry or spawned at either safehouse after completing a certain number of Gang Wars and specific storyline missions.

Melee Handguns Shotguns Submachine Guns
Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Heavy Weapons Thrown Weapons

Imagery Table

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Fist-GTAIV-icon BaseballBat-GTA4 Knife-GTA4 PoolCue-TLAD-halved
Pistol-GTA4 CombatPistol-GTA4 Automatic9mm-TLAD
Submachine Guns
MicroUzi-GTA4 MP5-GTA4
PumpActionShotgun-GTA4 CombatShotgun-TLAD Sawn-OffShotgun-TLAD AssaultShotgun-TLAD
Assault Rifles
AK-47-GTA4 CarbineRifle-GTA4
Sniper Rifles
SniperRifle-GTA4 CombatRifle-GTA4
Heavy Weapons
RocketLauncher-GTA4 GrenadeLauncher-TLAD
ThrowableObject-GTAIV-icon MolotovCocktail-GTA4 Grenade-GTA4 PipeBomb-TLAD

Vehicle Weapons


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These weapons are not available for use in the game, but are often depicted in several ways, often in in-game media.

  • In the mission Was It Worth It?, Jim was being tortured by Ray's goon, who was using a blow torch.
  • In the same cutscene of the mission above, Jim uses a retractable utility knife or "box cutter" in his tied hands to set himself free and to threaten the goon who was torturing him before. Eventually, Jim cuts the throat of Ray's goon with the same utility knife.
  • The GTA IV iteration of the Combat Shotgun is seen in Terry's gun van.

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