Armando Torres's weapons

The player can buy weapons through Armando Torres.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the second episode of Downloadable Content for Grand Theft Auto IV, eight new weapons are introduced. While the existing weapons can be obtained from Armando's Gun Van, the Underground Gun Shops, and the various spawn points throughout Liberty City, the new weapons can only either be bought from Armando or spawned at Luis' apartment after completing a certain number of Drug Wars and specific storyline missions. Unlike TLAD however, the player can also acquire the new weapons by inputting the "Advanced Weapons Set" cheat code.

The Automatic Shotgun, featured in the same episodic pack, features two different ammunitions, altering its purpose for either close-quarters or long range.

The following table lists weapons based on their types.

Melee Handguns Shotguns Submachine Guns
Assault Rifles & Light Machine Guns Sniper Rifles Heavy Weapons Thrown Weapons

Imagery Table

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Fist-GTAIV-icon BaseballBat-GTA4 Knife-GTA4
Pistol-GTA4 CombatPistol-GTA4 Pistol.44-TBOGT
Submachine Guns
PumpActionShotgun-GTA4 CombatShotgun-GTA4 AutomaticShotgun-TBOGT
Assault Rifles
AK-47-GTA4 CarbineRifle-GTA4 AdvancedMG-TBOGT
Sniper Rifles
SniperRifle-GTA4 CombatRifle-GTA4 AdvancedSniper-TBOGT
Heavy Weapons
RocketLauncher-GTA4 GrenadeLauncher-TLAD
ThrowableObject-GTAIV-icon MolotovCocktail-GTA4 Grenade-GTA4 StickyBomb-TBOGT

Vehicle Weapons

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