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Weapons in GTA Vice-City Stories.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories features a total of 32 weapons and three items. Most of them returned from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with new designs (such as the Python now having a scope, though for cosmetic purposes), while others acts as replacements of similar weapons (the M249 as a subtitute of the M60).

The sounds for the weapons are nearly the same as the ones in GTA Vice City but certain weapons have small differences in the PS2 version such as grenades and the RPG, which has a louder explosion, which are similar to that of vehicle explosion. Another thing added is binoculars available to watch things from a distance, which is similar to that of a sniper rifle scope.

Ammu-Nation now sells heavy weapons, which it did not in the previous renditions. The only gun that is available only through spawn points (aside from the melee weapons) is the Mac-10. Stonewall J's is a new weapon shop the player can buy a small number of weapons from.

The following table lists weapons based on their types and categories assigned to them in the files.

Unarmed Melee Weapons Thrown Weapons Handguns Shotguns
Submachine Guns Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Heavy Weapons Special

Vehicle Weapons

Imagery Table

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Fist-GTALCS-Icon.png BrassKnuckles-GTAVC.png
Melee Weapons
ButterflyKnife-GTAVCS.png Knife-VCS.png GaffHook-GTAVCS.png Machete-GTAVCS.png
Axe Golfclub-vcs.png Nightstick-GTAVC.png BaseballBat-GTASA.png
Katana-GTAVC.png Chainsaw-GTAVCS.png
Pistol-GTAVCS.png Equalizer
Submachine Guns
Scorpion Silenced MG MicroSMG-GTAVCS.png SMG
StubbyShotgun-GTAVCS.png Shotgun Spaz 12
Assault Rifles
AK Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifles
SniperRifle-GTAVCS.png Laser Sniper
Heavy Weapons
Flame Thrower M249 Minigun-GTALCS.png RocketLauncher-GTAVCS.png
Thrown Weapons
Molotov-GTAVCS.png Grenade GTAIIIEra-RemoteGrenade.gif
Camera-GTAVCS.png Detonator-GTALCS.png


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These weapons are not available for use in the game, but are often depicted in several ways, often in in-game media.


Beta Weapons

Main article: Beta Weapons

  • Land Mine: A thrown weapon that was initially made for Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Tear Gas: The Tear Gas was supposed to return in the game, but was left unused for unknown reasons. If the weapon is retrieved back via trainers and throws it, the Tear Gas will cause an extreme framerate drop if the player looks directly at the smoke.