Weapons in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories features 34 different weapons, where most of them are returning from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and some others are new weapons that acts as replacements (Hockey Stick as the equivalent of the Golf Club). A few weapons, like the Shotgun and the MP5, have a physical change over their previous iterations. The sounds from the weapons have not been changed and are all from Vice City, with the exception of grenades, which has a softer explosion.

Ammu-Nation gun shops returns, selling the player weapons that they have in stock. A new addition to the 3D Universe is Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop, where the player can purchase heavy weaponry, with the same convenience as an Ammu-Nation store.

The following table lists weapons based on their types and categories assigned to them in the files.

Unarmed Melee Weapons Thrown Weapons Handguns Shotguns
Submachine Guns Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Heavy Weapons Special

Vehicle Weapons

Imagery Table

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Fist-GTALCS-Icon BrassKnuckles-GTAVC
Melee Weapons
Chisel-GTALCS Knife-GTASA FireAxe-GTALCS MeatCleaver-GTAVC
HockeyStick-GTALCS Nightstick-GTAVC BaseballBat-GTASA Machete-GTAVC
Katana-GTAVC Chainsaw-GTALCS
Pistol-GTALCS Python-GTAVC
Submachine Guns
StubbyShotgun-GTAVC PumpActionShotgun-GTALCS SPAS12-GTAVC
Assault Rifles
Sniper Rifles
SniperRifle-GTA3 PSG1-GTALCS
Heavy Weapons
Flamethrower-GTASA M60-GTAVC Minigun-GTALCS RocketLauncher-GTAVC
Thrown Weapons
MolotovCocktail-GTAVC Grenade-GTAVC GTAIIIEra-RemoteGrenade
Camera-GTAVC Detonator-GTALCS


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These weapons are not available for use in the game, but are often depicted in several ways, often in in-game media.

  • In one of the artworks, Ray Machowski is seen with a handgun that resembles an M1911A1.
  • In the mission Crazy '69', Ray Machowski is seen with with the same M1911A1 mentioned above.

Beta Weapons

Main article: Beta Weapons

  • Tear Gas: The Tear Gas was supposed to return in the game, but was left unused for unknown reasons. If the weapon is retrieved back via trainers and throws it, the Tear Gas will cause an extreme framerate drop if the player looks directly at the smoke.


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