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Weapon Wheel in GTA III - The Definitive Edition.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used in Grand Theft Auto III.



Grand Theft Auto III features 13 separate weapons, although there are mentions of an extra weapon that was scrapped during development.

Melee Small Firearms Large Firearms
Heavy Weapons Thrown Weapons Special

Imagery Table

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Fist-GTA3-icon.png BaseballBat-GTAVC.png
Basic Firearms
Pistol-GTA3.png Uzi Shotgun
AK47 M16 SniperRifle-GTA3.gif
Heavy Weapons
Rocket-GTA3.png Flamethrower-GTA3.png
Detonator-GTAVC.gif MolotovCocktail-GTAVC.png Grenade

Additional Information

Standard Issue Weaponry

Weapons mandatorily added to Claude's inventory in accordance with storyline scripts.

Mission Weapon(s) Given
Trial By Fire Flamethrower (unlimited fuel during the rampage, +25 units of fuel when either failed or completed)
Bomb Da Base: Act II Sniper Rifle (+30 rounds)
Silence the Sneak Grenades (+12)
Uzi Rider Uzi (+150 rounds)
Uzi Money Uzi (unlimited ammo, later removed)

Optional Pick-ups

Weapons explicitly made available during certain missions, missable if not collected.

Mission Weapon Pickup(s)
Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up Baseball Bat
Pump-Action Pimp Pistol (+45 rounds)
Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
Taking Out the Laundry Grenades (+10)
Arms Shortage - M16 (+60rounds)

- Uzi (+125 rounds)

- Shotgun (+25 shells)

- Molotov Cocktail (+5 bottles)

- Rocket Launcher (+5 rockets)

Marked Man - Sniper Rifle (+50 rounds)

- M16 (+1000 rounds)

- Rocket Launcher (+25 rockets)

- Flamethrower (+100 units)

Quick reload bug

On both the PS2 and PC versions (and possibly the Xbox), a bug exists where the player can quickly fire slow weapons, such as the shotgun, without waiting to reload. On the PC, you must change the controls to Classic mode.

  • Target a person with the R1 or equivalent button, shoot and quickly release R1. Continue this and you can fire the powerful shotgun just as fast as the pistol. If any cars are in the way of your target they will blow up very quickly, so be careful. This is very useful for taking out gang members and law enforcement officers.