The following is a list of weapons that can be used in Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Grand Theft Auto Advance features 12 weapons, where the game take aspects from two games; the first being Grand Theft Auto 1, and the other being Grand Theft Auto III.

Like GTA III, there are no weapon slots, so the player can have all weapons at once. Unusually, the player can switch between weapons when inside a vehicle, making this the first GTA to do so, followed by the HD Universe (This is also the only way to use the Car Bomb).

The following table lists weapons based on their types. Below it is the slots where they are assigned.

Melee Basic Firearms Heavy Weapons
Thrown Weapons Special Cut

Vehicle Weapons

Imagery Table

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Fist-GTAA-HUD BaseballBat-GTAA-HUD Katana-GTAA-HUD
Basic Firearms
Pistol-GTAA-HUD Uzi-GTAA-HUD Shotgun-GTAA-HUD AssaultRifle-GTAA-HUD
Heavy Weapons
Flamethrower-GTAA-HUD Minigun-GTAA-HUD RocketLauncher-GTAA-HUD
Thrown Weapons
MolotovCocktails-GTAA-HUD Grenades-GTAA-HUD
CarBomb-GTAA-HUD Detonator-GTAA-HUD


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