Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 were originally introduced with a very limited number of weapons. Weapons which are featured in the expansion packs are covered here.


In total, only five types of weaponry are available in the game, with one being hand-to-hand combat that inflicts no damage while the remaining four are firearms designed to damage vehicles and kill people. The weapons are virtually identical in nature in the London expansion packs but feature different graphical designs to reflect the era of the games.

Weapons in GTA are typically obtained by breaking crates scattered around the game's three cities, regardless whether or not the player is in a vehicle; weapons may also be picked up from deceased individuals who were armed. The amount of ammunition for all weapons is measured by single units, and as such, is considerably simple when compared to its more modern counterparts in the GTA series.

The weapon system in GTA served as the basis for improved and expanded versions in many of its successors, as all of the weapons have been present in nearly all GTA games, with the exception of the Flamethrower, which is not available in Grand Theft Auto IV.

List of weapons

Name Slot Weapon icon
Weapon icon
(GTA London)
Melee attack N/A None; activated when no firearms are selected. Ditto.
Pistol 1
Machine Gun 2
Rocket Launcher 3
Flamethrower 4


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